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First off, I've searched for what I'm seeking but couldn't find anything....but, if it has already been discussed before I apologize in advance.

Anyway, I read somewhere of a way to take .223 cases and trim them and then size them to reload 7.62 X 25 Tok rounds.

Can someone explain to me what it entails and what tools (dies, etc.) I need, who sells them or can some one put up a web link that does explain the process?


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Found this for ya,

The procedure is as follows:

Cut-off the 223 cases to .99" with a tube cutter (available from your favorite hardware store).
Form the bottle neck by running into 30 mauser resizing die (Lee) Since the time I bought my dies, Lee has come out with a 30 Tokerev die. This should be even better but the 30 Mauser die works well enough so that I haven't invested in a "real" 30 Tokerev die. These cases need to be run up into the die as far as possible so that the neck is in the proper place for functioning. My brass had previously had the primer pockets reamed so this was not required with this batch of brass.
Trim cases to proper overall length (I use .975")
Run the cases into the 30 mauser expanding die
Outside neck turn to a wall thickness of 0.010". It's real important stay off the shoulder with the neck turning tool. I stuck the neck of a broken case in my chamber like by cutting into the shoulder which resulted in a ruptured case. It would also be possible to inside neck ream the cases but I haven't the tooling for inside neck reaming.
The only sources of reloading data that I have found are in "Cartridges of the World" and the new Accurate Arms reloading manual. No sooner than I had got these cases loaded but Gun World runs an article (August, 94) on reloading for the CZ52 by Dean Grennell. He advocates using AA#9 which but doesn't list any loads. It is possible to work up loads with AA#9 but they are not sanctioned by any load book of which I am aware.
In any event I can report on results with AA#7 and three different bullets-a 110g .308" dia. Rem JSP presumably designed for the 30 carbine, a .312" dia. 95g lead SWC which I use in 32 S&WL, and a .312" dia. 85g LRN bullet also for the 32 S&W long. The groove diameter in my barrel runs .3115" so 32 bullets should be OK in my gun. Proper jacketed 308 diameter bullets are availale from Old Western Scrounger but run more than $0.12/ea. All lead bullets were tumble lubed with liquid alox in addition to the wax lube and I used Winchester Small Pistol primers. Velocities are as follows:

S&B Factory Ball 1517 fps
110g JSP 7.0g AA#7 1140
85g LRN 7.0g AA#7 1224
95g LSWC 7.0g AA#7 1072
85g LRN 7.5g AA#7 1280
95g LSWC 7.5g AA#7 1198

I detected no pressure signs with considerable amounts of test firing for these particular loads. Every load functioned the pistol OK, however, the LSWC bullets will not seat properly with my die set and I intend to discontinue using anything except round nose bullets. The 85g LRN is my basic plinking load. The velocity on the 110g JSP is somewhat disappointing and I don't think I will buy any more. I was able to duplicate the S&B velocites with AA#9.

Grennell's CZ52 also functioned with old REM 30 Mauser factory loads. Mine would not function with loads made up from Remington 30 Mauser brass. He also got better velocities than I did. This suggests to me that each CZ52 is a law unto itself. Numerous people have pointed out that 7.62x25 brass can also be made from 9mm magnum brass more easily than 223 brass. While this is probably true, 9mm brass runs about $0.25/case and is hard to find without mail ordering.

Mandatory Warning: Slug your bore before using .312 lead bullets in a 7.62x25. Do not use these loads in the Tokarev pistol. These loads are near or at max. and appear to be safe in MY pistol. Work up for your pistol and verify these loads in the Accurate Arms manual before proceeding.
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