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  1. Hi, All,
    Finally got my brass list together, and have listed same:
    HANDGUN BRASS: (Mostly mixed brands)
    FN5 SEVENX28 +275 cases
    7.62 NAGANT REVOLVER +103 cases
    .32 A.C.P. +88 cases
    .380 A.C.P. +200 cases
    9 MM Makorov +4 cases
    .38 Super +30 cases
    .357 Sig +100 cases
    .40 S&W +200 cases
    10 MM +531 cases
    .44 SWR +9 cases
    .45 GAP +50 cases
    .500 S&W Magnum +42 cases
    50 A&E +250 cases
    .22 Hornet +4 cases
    .22 Valkyrie +55 case
    .22-250 Rem. +8 cases
    .243 Win. +84 cases
    6.5 Creedmore +190 cases
    6.5 PRC +31 cases
    .257 Weatherby Mag. +5 cases
    .25-06 +16 cases
    .270 Win. +116 cases
    .270 Weatherby Mag.+4 cases
    .270 Win. Short Mag. +97 cases
    7 MM Win. Short Mag. +8 cases
    7 MM Weatherby Mag. +13 cases
    7MM-08 Rem. +48 cases
    .300 PRC +5 cases
    .300 Weatherby Mag. +13
    .300-338 Weatherby Mag. +2
    .300 Win. Mag. +254
    .30-30 Win. +130 cases
    .7.62X39 +190 cases
    7.62X54R +111 cases
    .30 Blackout +1155 cases
    8 MM Mauser +48
    .338 Win. Mag. +2 cases
    .350 Win. Legend +217 cases
    .351 Win. +5 cases
    .45-70 Gov't. +26
    All are once-fired, will accept $2.00/lb., you pay shipping, (bulk Priority Mail boxes), O.K. to mix calibers and amounts. Contact [email protected] to place an order.
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  2. Fred is a good guy, we worked a great deal on .30-30 brass, He is a stand up guy...
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  4. Bob, sorry you found K75RT's post funny enough to laugh at-- We did help each other out, and I don't see anything humorous about that--
  5. To my "Reloading Brass Sale" ad above, please add 56- .41 Magnum cases
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    Fred, Bob sells Brass.
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  7. Fred can you PM me? Please.
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  8. Will try to get a reply off to you tomorrow, re Nagant brass, have been VERY busy!
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  9. Hi, will be packing up the Nagant cases tonight, don't have your mailing address in this computer, please resend it to my E.M address, [email protected]
  10. Found 145 Primo once fired .30-30 brass cases, want me to include them with the Nagant brass? It will have to go in the medium sized Priority Mail box, don't know the rate--
  11. K75RT, I've forgotten how to go about P.M. ing, I have the Nagant brass packed up and have 145 once fired, very clean .30-30 brass, which I could send together with the Nagant Brass,get back to me with your address.
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    Click on the symbol at the upper right that looks like an envelope, then click "start a new conversation". You have to put in the person you want to message and put in a subject or topic.
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  14. Fred, I did not see these postings, I just sent you an email....Thank you....