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I am looking for reloading data for some of my rifles, mostly period guns from 1890 to 1990 or so. I have quite a few reloading manuals and just received my wonderful "Load from Disk" ballistics program and started using it. I 'm searching the web and other sources for recommendations for accurate load recipes. Has anyone found any good web sites for information? My calibers of interest include the .303 British, 7.5x55 Swiss, 8 mm Mauser, 7.65 Belgium Mauser, .30-06, .308 Winchester, etc. Either a site that has multiple caliber listings, or a site that has a particular caliber would be appreciated. I have found a few sites but am interested in what the members have found (I joined Gun and Game yesterday). If you have a favorite load for a military caliber, I can probably use the information. Also, has anyone loaded for the .401 Winchester or the .30 Remington? Thanks- kh
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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