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:09:12 ga. Mec Sizemaster press
Spare large bottle.
50+/- lbs of #5 shot
20+/- lbs of 7.5 shot
1 lb Win 473AA powder.
2400 #209 primers, 1k CCI, 1.4K Win.
500+ wads
Lots of hulls, Win, Feds, Rem.
1 shotshell reloading manual....never used though.
2 hip bags for the range or field.

All my stuff is in perfect working condition, no junk, ever!

He wants 300.00 with the shot and 250.00 with out shot. I finally found a deal. I'm gonna go for it this is site unseen hope it dont bite me in the arse.

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nothing ventured
nothing gained.

awhile back i bought a press and all the fixins sight unseen and it was a screamin deal!
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