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Tipadoux said:
:nod: I have reloaded both the 6.5 and the 7.7 Jap. I have a sniper rifle that was found by my father inlaw in Japan in a wooden box. He brought it back and it checked out as real good steel (American) and a great barrel. Has the 30 inch barrel. Sporterized the stock and ported the barrel. All that own a Jap know about the trigger being hard to much with. But did put in a weaker spring and hone all the moving parts. Helped quite a bit. Planning to find a good gun smith that will remove the barrel and see about attaching it to a Remington 700 action. Want to chamber it for the full 30/06 case. I make all my 7.7 cases from Remington 30/06 cases.
I did a simmilar thing I did to a car my Pappy done give'd tuh me. I taked the fenders off and replace tha ol' big engine wif a ford 429 and the front en wit won out a chey comaro and 4.11:1 rear end out of a cheby pick up. My Dady said some drunk movy acter got lost around here an runed out o gas told Paw he'd give 'im it for ryd back to the city. Well tha acter feller never caim back an pappy weld a hitch on it and used it tuh plow the field. I think Paw said the acter feller was name was Eddi Fin and car was call'd suppn lika Duzzenbird. Anyway it's real cool now.
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