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Reloading Old .30-06 Brass

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I have some FA-36 and FA-39 National Match brass that is once fired. I know this was corrosive primmed and I think non-mercuric. The brass looks like it's in good shape. I am just curious if anyone has reloaded brass this old before.

Any thoughts on this? Anyone :)
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06 GI brass

Years ago as my city Scoutmaster I taught Hunter Safety courses with the help of my scout troop earning their shooting merit badge and they vacumned the ranges we used for me to sell at gun shows and I paid them in advance in camping equipment. I was a local officer. I also took brass in trade on reloading and bulletcasting tools and they cleaned, sorted and packed a very large quantity of it that I am now selling off. I have lots of 06 decapped, sized, primer pocket reamed and primed or unprimed and have a very big list. just send your email address to [email protected] for the lists in reply.
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