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I have never seen any advantage of low cost savings of reloading, I reload for the accuracy. But ... I do like to have all the little toys out there, and they can get expensive. Reloaded ammo is cheaper than factory ammo, but the equipment isn't.
I started out on a Lee challenger kit and have been reloading every since. I still use it and their dies too. If i had to do it all over again i would have paid the few extra bucks and got Lee's turret press and would have never traded up to anything else. It is quicker than a single stage press, and i like the removable turrets that you can purchase for like $8-10.00 and leave an entire set of dies already set up in them until you need them again.
I like my Dillon 550b, it's a devil to reconfigure though. The hornady progressives are cheaper and just as good, with auto index too. But if you do decide to reload I would say you had better want to reload or it will be something you will drop (like my scuba diving) after a few reloading sessions. Reloading to me is a big stress buster, and the need to push my bullets to the max for accuracy and consistency. This site is one of my most prized info. centers as well. Good luck either way .
As for corrosive rounds, clean your gun after shooting it.
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