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Reloading ?s

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I want to get into reloading because I am told it is cheaper and I do not want to use corrosive ammo in my rifles. Is it really cheaper than surplus? and what would it cost to start up?
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Cheapest is a Lee Loader for about $25. There has been a lot of discussion of the merits (acceptable to good quality ammo) and disadvantages (slow rate) on this site. You also should invest in a good manual (I happen to like the Speer, Hornady and Lyman have good ones too). Read the manual & don't cut corners for safety's sake. If you like reloading you will soon move up to a press & regular dies, powder balance, case trimmer, dial caliper etc. Good luck. Revisit this site with specific questions about favorite loads & powder/bullet preferences. If you are careful you will find that your reloads shoot better than most factory ammo.
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