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Reloading ?s

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I want to get into reloading because I am told it is cheaper and I do not want to use corrosive ammo in my rifles. Is it really cheaper than surplus? and what would it cost to start up?
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Some factors to consider:

1) Some military surplus is going to dry up eventually, probably relatively soon. Some of the surplus ammo for Mausers is a good example. The "surplus" .45 out there is mostly lend-lease ammo from Russia, which is about 50 years old. I imagine that .308 and .30-06 will dry up in my lifetime; I am 30.

2) Some mil surp is awfully poor ammunition. I think most people who have bought enough of this have been burnt at least once.

3) If you already have the mentality of scrounging around for the best prices on mil surp ammo, you can transplant this attitude to reloading. The only thing that I buy at "normal" (not on sale) prices are primers.

4) You will be AMAZED at how well Mosin Nagants and Mausers shoot with handloads tailored to the rifle, using fire-formed brass. No question.
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