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reloading the "54r"

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while walking around in Cabela's in Dundee,Mi. a few days ago with a little Christmas cash in my pockets, I walked past a display of Lee Anniversary Reloading Kits for $67 and change and one of them followed me all the way back to Tx. I don't have all of the dies and such yet but am waiting to get catalogs from several places. Will prob. want some real accurate target loads and some good stout deer loads, any suggestions? T.I.A.
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$67 For the Anniversary kit? I paid $114 for mine and thought I got a good deal!
Did you get the "Modern Reloading" book with the kit too? That has all the loads for it in there.
no it didn't come with the manual but I still thought it was a pretty good deal until I saw the ad for F&M Reloading in Shotgun News- they sell the anniversary kit w/manual for $74.99. they sell the standard reloader press w/manual for $22.99 so I may get that just for the book and either keep the press for de-priming,etc. or sell the other press and buy components or dies..
hey guys,FWIW, Vhitavourri Oy's website has lots of load info for the 54r along with burn rates for different powders,etc. .lots of good info.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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