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    I have a Hornady progressive press, the dies, the shell plates, the bushings, a scale and caliper. I also already have common tools like screwdrivers, hammers, wrenches, etc. Can someone give me a list of other things that I will need (besides power, primer, slugs)? Links to webpages or other posts are welcome. It would be nice if you could add comments like "essential" or "will save a lot of time" or "makes things more convenient".
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  2. A reloading manual or 3 or 4, a case trimmer of some sort, a 1/4 20 tap, a 1/4 20 bolt, some washers, a drill bit for the tap (this is so you can unstick stuck cases), and maybe a powder trickler and a drop tube.

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    Thanks! I should have added...I have seen lists but it seems to me that the lists were not prepared with the understanding that a person had a progressive press. Are the powder trickler and drop tube necessary with a progressive press?
  4. Not that I'm aware of
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  5. Slugfest

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    Yes, so being a newbie, I am looking for a list for those things that are necessary when using the progressive.
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    A kinetic bullet puller, so you can "erase" the occasional mistake and reuse the components. If you are reloading for semi auto pistols, putting each round through a Max cartridge gauge will help insure smooth feeding.
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    The book “The ABC’s of Reloading” is a mainstay of every reloader.
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    A good set of reloading data. Most powder and bullet manufacturers publish their data. Be very careful with other data from the internet, some can be quite hot. Lee's data generally tends towards the lighter side, for safety.
  9. Another vote for a kinetic bullet puller and a stuck case remover set. You will need them and its a hell of a lot easier to ignore them in the drawer than it is to get one when you need it. I also prefer a universal decapping die so I can knock the primers out before cleaning the brass. Lastly as others have mentioned grab a couple of really good manuals. Hodgdon has data published free that I use a lot but I still reference my Lyman manual quite often.
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  10. Big Dog

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    Eventually you'll need a good stout single stage press, to do case reforming with. Great for making common caliber brass into hard-to-find calibers.
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  12. Mindy up North

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    Akro bins and assorted containers with compartments to keep all of the small accessories handy. As mentioned above, bullet pullers are great, I have both the kinetic and press mounted collet style... Both are very handy.
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    I don't see a case mouth reamer mentioned yet.
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    slugfest save your money on flip trays and get 2 plastic lids one smaller than the other that is a easy few bucks you can save for something you really need D Crockett
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    What cartridges do you plan to reload? This choice has much to do with what you may need. If you could post a picture of what reloading gear you have it would be helpful. This keeps us people in the boondocks from suggesting stuff you already have. It's basic to have accurate means of weighing charges and good load data.
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    I have 6 or 7 presses. 3 of them are shotgun. I still use my single stage and turret presses more often than my progressive. I agree that you're going to want a single stage press eventually, a nice turret might be more useful if I had to choose one of the two.

    The ABCs of reloading is fine, but I think the Lyman intro is more concise and contains all you need to know.

    Things you must have include:
    Press and die set
    Powder drop
    Primer tray and feeding system to match your press
    Bullet puller
    Loading manuals. Lyman is still the best if you only have one manual, but you should have several to cross reference.
    Brass trimmer and reamer if loading rifle. A brass prep station is worth the investment here, but you won't need it for most pistol cartridges.
    Case cleaner system; tumbler, vibratory, wet or dry, your choice.

    From your initial list, you're pretty well set. You'll discover quickly what else you need once you start loading.
  18. Mowgli T.

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    Don't forget about Richard Lee and his loading guide. A basic reference. Author had collected data from many sources. Book is well worth the money. Most folks who reload have usually accumulated stack of Lyman reloading manuals going back to the invention of dirt.
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    Thanks for your input! I have already ordered a few things. What I have: hornady progressive loader, shell plates, dies, scale, caliper, deburing tool, stuck case removal kit, inertia bullet puller and a primer turning plate. I am looking through the books now to choose. I also need some kind of way to clean brass.
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