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    Im looking to purchase equipment to start reloading for my M1 Garand. Since Im on a budget, I was looking at the Lee aniversary kit about 119.00 and get the dies from there. Anyone have any knowledge of this setup and what I should watch out for. I currently shoot about 100 rnds a month. Thanks guys.
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    I have a question too. Can the military surplus (CMP) brass be reloaded?

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    I pay $65 for 250 rounds 148gr FMJ.
    Is it ready worth the time and effort to reload?
    I've reloaded rounds from the time I was nine years old with me O'man. My arm is tired :)
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    I got the lee kit from midway. You can get it for a lot less than that. I would get another powder measurer though. It is worth it. You can get bulk M2 bullets and bulk 4895 powder from a few sources: and The reloading cost is under what you would pay for the CMP ammo. (the cheapest source of M2). The best parts is, you can get some match bullets and make a accurate load for highpower matches or whatever. Yes, GI ammo is reloadable, but you have to swag the crimp out of the primer pockets. I buy 400-500 rounds of surplus at a time then use the cases for reloading.
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    It can be reloaded, but like jared said you have to remove the primer crimp. Also the brass is thicker than civilian brass (smaller area for powder) which can cause higher chamber and gas port pressure. At the least this could cause a bent operating rod.
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    Oh yeah, I forgot to mention the brass is thicker and has a slightly smaller volume. It is recommended that you drop the powder load by a couple of grains from the commercial brass starting load when using GI br**** then work up from there. If you use IMR 4895 or IMR 4064 (safe and reliable for the M1) start around 42 grains. That load will never bend an oprod as long as you're using proper loading techniques and correct bullet size. If you need for info about loading for the M1 go to and look at the "reloading page". They know more than I ever will about the M1. Happy shooting![​IMG]
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    Sweet photo!