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rem. 1100

Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by rwag, Apr 16, 2002.

  1. rwag

    rwag G&G Newbie

    I was wondering if anyone knows if this is a fair
    price. A friend of mine had a death in the family and is selling a few firearms. One is a 1100 rem.
    I told him I would buy it but never really investigated the price hope somone can help. He told me it is a new in the box never fired 1994
    special field 12 gauge 23" barrel vent rib. He told me 525.00 I see the new ones sell for 800+
    does this price seem good. I have been looking all over the net for info on this particular model but have been unsuccesful.Thanks in advance.
  2. Adirondack Bill

    Adirondack Bill G&G Newbie

    Not a bad price if it is indeed n/i/b and never fired. I bought a 12 ga 1100 at a gun show in New York that didn't have a mark on it,and it had beautiful wood. I paid $340. I go to a lot of gun shows and there are always 1100's that are in nice shape that can be picked up for between 300/400:nod:
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  3. Very Good

    That's an excellent price for a twelve guage. If it's a twenty or .410 you better sleep with him till you get it in your hands.
    The boy is treating you right.:nod:
  4. rwag

    rwag G&G Newbie

    Thanks for the replies! He is a good friend I just
    assumed it was a good price and really didnt check into into it before telling him I would buy it.