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Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by Aarant, May 6, 2008.

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    I have had a model 870 wingmaster 16ga. since I was 12 yrs old ( about 23 yrs) it has been the best all around shotgun I have ever owned.
    My question is was the wingmaster ever made in a .410 ga? I have never seen one, but would like to find one for my wife ( a new shooter!!) She weighs about 90lbs ( I think she had rocks in her pocket when she said 90lbs!!!) anyway the recoil on a .20ga. would be a lil much for her and I don't want to scare her away from shotguns ( just got her 2nd pistol and looking to modify a model 60 .22 for her) So far she has enjoyed shooting everything pistol and rifle wise that she owns. I would like to get her shooting ( and owning) a shotgun as well.
    Any suggestions?
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    Aarant: Sir; Yes, and they are making it now. Called Wingmaster LW Small Bore.410 also in 28g.:):)
    Check at Remington site. Good looking firearm

  3. Aarant, do you reload for your shotgun? There are low pressure load recipes available that greatly reduce recoil. The LP load I shoot in my Husqvarna Mod.20 generates practically no recoil in my heavier A5, 'course they won't cycle the action either.
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    Hodgdon has a nice reduced 20 ga load recipie. (Iv'e used it)
    Remington sells a reduced recoil trap load.
    Combine with quality recoil pad and good fit on gun, Viola.

    .410, even 28 ga will get pricy. Harder to hit with a 410 too, unless target is fairly stationary.
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    I wish I did reload my own. I'm having trouble these days finding time to shoot! Reloading has always been something I wanted to get into, but so far have never had the chance.
    I have priced a few .410's there are some new ones out in the 250.00 price range. what I was wanting to find her though is an OLD wingmaster. Something that when refinished she will be proud to have in her collection. I have refinished the wood on a few guns ( was a hobby once) and bluing these days has been made easy.
    OH YA Asphalt I have to agree about the shrink vs bike thing. Bike cost more right away, but you have to keep going back to the shrink for him to tell ya your nuts. After riding for awhile EVERYONE tells ya. lot of cost saving!
  6. She should be able to handle a 20 as long as you shoot low brass shells.
    The recoil pads today are much better now.
  7. Reloading really doesn't take that much time. Once you get a good handle on what your doing you can turn out a box in fifteen minutes easy. My busiest time is pre-season (fifteen dollar tune-up special), still manage to crank out enough to get me through upland season. Dove season's a different story.:196:

    Yeah, I may have named my ride Kathrine but I cal her cycle-therapy. I don't know about the cost savings though, try pricing a pair of Dunlops for a VStar 1100 as opposed to the average cage. One of those costs as much as one of the 31-10.50 mud terrains I want to put on my Wagoneer.:werd:
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    I know this is a gun forum and I'm kinda getting off the subject here. Asphalt be careful of dunlops on your scoot. When I got mine I had HD-Dunlops on her. Had the bike try to go out from under me turning from a stop sign on dry pavement. The tire treadwise was almost new. Age wise it was acouple of yrs. come to find out after about a yr. they loose their "stickyness". So far this has happened twice on me.
    Even if you order a new tire how longs it been sitting on a shelf in a warehouse somewhere? I don't trust Dunlops anymore.
  9. Keep the loads light. Just some light game loads. And you should be fine.
  10. Not a worry Aarant, I've got D404's and chicken strips no wider than my finger. I'm gonna' drop ya a PM.

    Ya know, I really gotta' agree with the others. A 7/8th's ounce small game load in a twenty bore could likely make her a better shooter. She may be more discouraged by lack of shooting success than she is by recoil.
    Just comparing break actions singles, I had a 20 and a good freind had a .410 which I had fired on occassion. To be honest, the recoil wasn't a whole lot different. That and I couldn't hit squat with the .410. Radford shot dragonflys with it, I was lucky to hit a running rabbit with it.