Rember this is a COVERT...Secret Operation..Dont Tell ANYONE

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    Rember NAtional Security....Lose Lips sink Ships.... Especialy since this is a COVERT operation...thank God no one except ture Americans read the News Papers.

    Bush reportedly authorizes covert action against Saddam Hussein
    Washington-AP -- The Washington Post reports President Bush has signed an intelligence order authorizing covert action by the C-I-A to topple Saddam Hussein.

    The paper says the president signed the order early this year authorizing the use of lethal force to capture Saddam and -- if necessary for self-defense -- to kill him. Informed sources quoted by the Post say tens of (m) millions of dollars have already been allocated for the operation.

    No comment from the C-I-A.

    The first President Bush gave the world six months notice that a U-S led-coalition was going to kick Iraq out of Kuwait. This time, analysts say the president might give little or no warning. They point out that given notice, Saddam might strike out first, or enlist a terrorist group to do it for him. They also note he presumably has a deadlier arsenal now than he did in 1990.

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    bomb bomb bomb, bomb bomb Iraq :jet: