Rember to take the safty off.

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    This is a real news story...not a joke...but read near the middle why the rifle did not fire

    Web posted Sunday, September 29, 2002

    Ketchikan: Man shoots marauding bear

    Ketchikan Daily News

    A black bear that raided a family's outdoor freezer was shot early Monday morning.

    David Finley shot the bear at 2:30 a.m. The wounded bear crawled into the nearby woods, where Alaska State Trooper Lonny Piscoya found it four hours later, about 15 yards from the house.

    Monday marked the third time in 10 days that the bear invaded the property.

    "It tore open our freezer. My husband put a lock in it. He tore through it like it was nothing," said Rose Finley.

    David Finley said he is not a hunter and the only firearms in his home belong to his son. He first attempted to shoot the bear with a bolt-action rifle as the bear stood in the family's carport. He loaded the weapon and pulled the trigger three times but could not get the gun to fire.

    "After that I went inside and talked (on the phone) to my son in Wrangell who said, 'You didn't take the safety off,' " Finley said.

    Finley got his son's .308-caliber rifle and returned to the carport, this time taking the safety catch off. He shot the bear in the neck.

    Finley said he has had trouble with bears on his property since the Ketchikan Landfill closed down in 1997.

    Trooper Piscoya said Finley was within his rights to shoot the bear because he was protecting property.
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    That's one heck of an adamant bear. Gave the guy time to go make a phone call and then return! LOL

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    Some body was waching out for that guy.
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    Still think he needs a basic firearms course....did not know we had tec support available :)
    Hi this is gun no go boom...Well bob thank you for calling the Winchester help first off what kind of gun? Ok is it loaded? Humm now bob you said you plan on shooting a bear is that correct?? Great well now is a good time to let you know that we have a special on Winchester Silver tips going on right now and if you buy 4 boxes we will send you a hat....Ah bob whats that screaming?. Oh yes the bear is mauleing you....well then take the safty off and shoot it.
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    When I visited Ketchikan, Alaska about four years ago we were told that bears commonly go through trash cans within the city. Having one in your yard there should not be a surprise. I'm amazed that this event even made the news.

    The city of Ketchikan was in it's prime back in the gold rush days. Now the main gold they have is the dollars brought in by mainland tourists. The few hilly streets there are very rustic, winding, and very close to the wild areas. Some old gold mines are still operating there but mainly as tourist attractions. The usual tourist shops are almost everywhere there, plus eating establishments and bars.

    I watched a local native there make a totem pole in one of their shops. Now that was interesting. He wouldn't let me photograph it because, as he said, he wanted to protect it's design. He did beautiful work.

    Oxford :nod: