Remember my "I hate thieves" post???

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  1. BunnyWabbit

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    I am changing the name to "I hate crazy people" now.

    My crazy neighbor lady had stolen my antique disc from my yard about a month ago. Well, we got it back and she yelled obscenities at my house for about an hour that day and then all was peaceful. But I still have kept my Browning handy for just in case scenerios.

    Sunday, Hubby and I went riding on the cycle for about three hours and got home about 5:30pm. Within 20 minutes the County Sheriff comes pulling in the driveway. Apparently the crazy woman heard gunshots (we're in the country, duh) and called the sheriff and said I was snypering her. We weren't even home when she said this happened. Geez, I've been practicing enough that if I were going to snyper her I don't think I would have missed.

    I really hate looney people. I have accumulated about 2,000 22 shells and thought about going out in the yard for some more practice just to be irritating, but then it started raining again.:hitwithrock:
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    sorry to hear about your neighbor. sadly you might have to keep a log. of what she does & shot you hear , for police purposes.

  3. Sounds like you need her to move out!
  4. Failure of the system . . .

    . . . as this woman should have been sent, involuntarily or voluntarily, for help at the expense of the county.
    One thing I will mention as a word of warning based on knowing someone who became schizoid, this person could very well not be kidding
    about the assasination statement. It can be totally real in their mind and that makes it dangerous for you. Suppose you knew, and it is true to you, someone was trying to kill you and no one would take your seriously.
    They do not call it paranoid schizophrenia for nothing.
    Please contact your county mental health office - if you have one and whatever might serve a similar purpose if you do not.
    Take care and I mean it.
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  6. BunnyWabbit

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    Hubby talked me out of starting anything, said to wait and see what happens next. Because once we start something with all the agencies, like Sheriff, SRS, Health Department, County, etc. it will get ugly. His concern was that he works nights and I am by myself until 11:30pm. If we get a bunch of stuff started, that will make her more vengeful. I told the sheriff this and he agreed to make a lot more drivebys by my house. I am usually awake until hubby comes home and have more ammunition than Rambo.
  7. CalifgirlinOk

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    I'm glad your hubby talked you out of starting anything.If you had started anything with her it would have made it worse than it is.When you mess around with a sick minded person it only feeds her need for more revenge.
  8. I'd hate to be in your situation ! Can you afford constantine wire to go around your house ?
  9. TexasT

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    Psychiatric illnesses are a beast. I've seen quite a few paranoid schizophrenics to know. It's quite sad actually.
  10. One-eyed Dave

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    You may need to make reports to the Sheriff, specifically requesting no contact with said nutcase. Make it clear you are simply documenting her actions for when things really do go bad. Better to CYA than have a problem go bad with no documentation.
  11. BunnyWabbit

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    All my dealings with her have been with the Sheriff. She has been told she is to have no contact with us and is not allowed on our land. The crazy thing is when we left on the cycle, she waved at us.
  12. BunnyWabbit, I am concerned for your safety . . .

    . . . as it appears you and your husband are just not getting a grasp on the danger potential that exists for the two of you. You cannot stay awake all day every day. You can make anonymous and confidential
    communication with mental health services.

    Through the thefts it is obvious this person has a fixation on you and your husband. Untreated, mental health problems such as paranoid
    schizophrenia worsen rather than moderate.

    A person whose reality states you intent to kill them with no one to take their pleas seriously will eventually make an offensive move which is really self-defense to them.

    Please do not let more and more time pass without contacting
    a mental health service. At least call them and learn what you can do confidentially.
  13. .22hustler

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    Nathangdad,+1, and I mean a big one!!! Bunnywabbit, please be careful. You're not dealing with a sane individual here!! Take Nathangdad's advice....
  14. squirrelblaster

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    F it just shoot her and make to world a better place for us all!..........crap did i say thatout loud? oops!
  15. Windwalker

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    Bunny Wabbit, you and your husband please be careful. I surely would talk confidentially to mental health. We are all like family here and we don't want to lose anyone.
  16. Seabeescotty

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    Ditto, Bunnywabbit! Get busy, and get the problem taken care of. You cannot be on full alert, 24/7. It will not only wear you out, it will cause problems under your own roof. Confidential is the key word, and make sure whoever you talk to understands that. It sounds like you have enough documentation, already. We are worried, and don't want to see bad news. Please, be careful, and get the problem solved.
  17. Cyrano

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    New York
    I agree with mosquitofish and with nathangdad, and with your SOP of dealing with her only via the Sheriff's Dept. I urgently suggest you keep an incident log in addition to the Sheriff reports. If she does not back off, go to court and get a temporary restraining order making the Sheriff's order to have zero contact with you guys official and a matter of record. That way, if, God forbid, you ever do have to draw down on the deranged individual, you have laid the grounds for an unassailable self-defense plea should it get to court.

    I'd also give a bit of thought to getting and installing motion sensor lights so she can't sneak up on the house. I'd further suggest that you spend the money and get at least one firearm equipped with a laser sighting system. Putting a Crimson Trace laser on her if she does something stupid dangerous might keep you from having to pull the trigger to save your life. Most people know enough to back off when that little laser dot starts painting them, even wack jobs.

    Please keep us posted. We worry.
  18. I will fess up and say I am very concerned too.
    Would it be easy for you and your husband to leave and park some where for 30 minutes and then rush back home to see if the poor lady goes up and snoops around your house ?
    Though we may be makeing a mountain out of a mole hill it's best to go on and cover all your base's.
    Such as heeding some of the advice posted by the members here.
  19. Marine1

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    The willful filing of false police report, in most states is a "felony". I would see my city attorney, to have him investigate if enough evidence is afoot, to file such charges against her. The theft of your property, her actions afterwards, "after" you recovered your property, the time of her report of the "alledged gun incident", the officers findings and docket report narrative after the investigation, and your evidence of being elsewhere cycling at the time, should substantuate enough evidence for the complaint of charges to be filed against her. I would certainly persue this matter for my own protection. Once a couple of detectives show up on her front porch, asking questions, might just defuse any future incidents, that may occur?
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  20. My old neighbor was an old, crazy person. She confronted me once and told me she was tired of my dogs driving her car. She insisted that she caught them pulling it into her garage several times in the early morning. She also accused me of drilling for oil in her yard when I was installing a fence. (good fences make great neighbors) Many times she would mistake me for the landscapers if I was working in my yard. She loved to tell me stories about my wife and I when she thought I was the landscaper. Most of my dealings with her were through local LEOs. They were understanding. We made some good friends. They eventually got in contact with her son and got her into a home. She is still in the home. I have new neighbors. I'd rather have the crazy lady back.