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remington 1100 info needed

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I've recently inherited an older remington 1100. Semi automatic, fixed full choke. I've found it to be a pretty good predator gun out to 60 yards using #4 buckshot and would like to keep using it, however, I've recently heard somthing from a friend of mine that makes me leary to shoot the gun.

I've been told that the older 1100's had a recall put on them due to premature firing before the hull is chambered properly, blowing up the gun and taking some digits with it. I've looked for some information on the subject but haven't found any. I've written Remington but haven't heard back. I have a local gun shop looking into the matter for me as well, but haven't heard anything.

If anybody could enlighten me I would very much appreciate it.

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yeah did that, however it was almost a week ago and still haven't heard anything back yet. Hope to hear back from them soon.
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