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Discussion in 'Remington' started by Ninja Piper, Nov 23, 2011.

  1. Ninja Piper

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    Ok, having a problem with a Remington 1100. When the gun is fired the bolt will lock back to the rear and not go back into battery until the carrier release is pushed in again, even with a full magazine. No round is fed into the receiver after the previous round is fired and ejected. This leaves me having to push the carrier release each time a round is fired. My guess is that there is something broken on the carrier plate/trigger assembly, but I can't figure out for the life of me what is going wrong. Help please!!!

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    I havent run into that problem , But I'll see what My diagrams may show as to where to look...
  3. neophyte

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  4. jwernecke

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    I cant say that I've ever had mine do this. But like with anything semi-auto when something acts wrong my first solution is a good cleaning.

    Take it clear down to the bare receiver and make sure that it is cleaned out. Make sure that the bolt and carrier assembly are well cleaned. Oh and check the gas rings. If it still has a rubber O ring in there I would replace that. The new gas ring kit doesnt have that O ring in it anymore. And the tow piece ring is now snapped together for a semi-permanent 1 piece gas ring.

    Other than that tear it down and take a few pictures of the catch assembly and the carrier assembly and I will compare them to my 1100.
  5. BigEd63

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    May 6, 2008
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    Sometimes the interceptor latch spring jumps out of it' groove on the older style interceptor latches and may cause similar problems.

    To fix I had to replace the latch, sping and retaining "C" clip.
  6. Ninja Piper

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    Thanks, I was looking at that one last night.

    The first thing I did was clean the heck out of the entire thing. I don't think he ever cleaned this gun.

    It did jump out, I found that last night and fixed that problem. It did solve the issue of not being able to load more than one round and the double feed problems.

    I will take some pictures of the trigger assembly tonight and put those up. He previously tried to fix the problem by pushing the connector lever outside the disconnector so it wouldn't jam. The lever was bent out and it doesn't look like it's engaging properly anymore in the right position. I'm thinking the trigger assembly needs to be replaced.
  7. jerry

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    Took me a minute to remember where my trouble shooting book was at.

    Gun Fails to feed shell from magazine:
    1, Shell latch does not slip off the shell propoerly. Adjust shell latch or replace.
    2, Shell latch surface rough or damaged. Smooth up notch or replace
    3, Carrier sits too high, holding shells in magazine. Adjust or replace carrier, check carrier latch and carrier dog follower spring.
    4, Mag spring damaged. Replace mag spring.
    5, Mag double feeds, shell latch failing. Replace shell latch or adjust.
    6, Broken interceptor latch spring. Replace latch spring
    7, Broken or worn interceptor. Replace interceptor

    Action fails to close:
    1, Action bar bent jamming action. Replace or straighten bar
    2, Carrier movement impeded and jamming. Replace carrier
    3, action spring defective. Replace action spring
    4, Piston assembly dirty, defective. Clean piston, check movement.

    There are actually several pages of good info, too much to type. I could scan to a PDF or copy and mail out to you if interested. Wife has to relaod the printer since I had to reload crap windows vista recently.
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