remington 1100????

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  1. does anyone know about this one its semi auto for $199 and the pawn shop you guys think its a good deal and good gun? skeet and hunting
  2. neophyte

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    Get it

    Buy it or tell me where its at. :) If and I say If it is fair to better looking condition BUY it now. $1000.00 New.:)
    Not much can go wrong; should you have a need PARTS are cheap:)

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    I'll take it, where is it at
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    Jump or you'll regret it.
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    I was recently at Cabelas and went to the used gun rack...saw a REALLY NICE 1100 for only $300, but instead I went with the Remington 11 (older model) which was in equally nice shape (just some small dings/scratches from use, but well taken care of) for only $280. I picked this because I am a big fan of the classics.
    By all means, pick up that Remington 1100 before somebody else does.

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    the 1100 has a long standing history of being one of the finest, durable, soft shooting semi auto's out there. You may be limited to 2 3/4" fodder if it's not a "Magnum" version, this is typically not too big of a deal unless your a goose hunter or such. If it's in good mechanical cond., a good buy.
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    I own a rem 1100 and love it. I paid $300 for mine at a pawn shop. That price sounds great. I have had great results dove and quail hunting and even dropped a small hog with it using a 1 oz slug. For $199 I'd grab it, bro.
  9. matt760

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    and if it is a magnum stick to 3" shells...or maybe high brass 2 3/4". the older ones wouldnt cycle the light loads. they'll shoot fine but dont eject like theyre supposed to .
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    I,m looking for a barrel for a 1100. My son called me and said his dads friend had one for 70.00. He had cut off the barrel and stock with a hacksaw and butcherd it.

    I'm going to convert it to a tactical 4 22" barrel 8 shot tube. Found everything but the barrel.
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    I say get it - keep them clean and they work great! There is a small rubber gasket at the end of the mag tube - replace that if you get it. They dry rot and cause most Remington 1100 problems. They cost like $4 to replace and takes all of about 1 minute to install.
  12. I have an 1100 and its the best shotgun i have!!!!!!! Get it man
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    Very well made shotguns.I have one it is over 30 yrs old and is still shooting excellent.
  14. $199 for an 1100 is a good deal. If it has any problems replacement parts are readily available and reasonably priced. They will run forever if you keep them clean.