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Discussion in '1903' started by Riccardo, Apr 9, 2002.

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    I just find in a gun shop a 1903 made by remington, it is in very good condition, i didn't look at the serial # , the barrel have 2 groove, is this a one made for the marines during 2ww for the pacific teatre ? thanks Ciao Riccardo
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    Riccardo - You could make a good shooter out of it if the receiver is okay with no holes from scopes. Barrels and other parts are available - just don't get the low numbers if you are going to use it.

  3. What kind of Remington? Did it have the carbine-type sight or the older "ladder"-type?

    Actually, if all you want is a shooter, drilled and tapped for a scope isn't going to hurt anything except collectability.

    Remingtons, as a rule, were either stored after assembly, used for training or used in rear areas. There are a few pictures of 1903A3s being used in combat. The Marines used mostly low-numbered Springfields and Rock Islands.

    ALL Remingtons are "high-numbered" and are safe to shoot, headspace and other normal things being good. SAs below 800,000 and Rock Islands below 285507 are the only ones to watch out for.

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    CHIAO RICCARDO!!!:) :) long time no read buddy. congratulations on your find!!! the Remington 1903/a3's are strong rifles they were made by Remington just prior to our involvment in the war.Remington started making the 1903 in nov 1941 to may1942 than switched to the 03/a3 and continued making them to feb 1944. the major difference is the 03 has open sights and milled buttplate bands triggerguard /magazine; the 03/a3 has a peep sight, stamped buttplate and bands and a stamped and welded triggerguard/magazine assembly. my remington is a 1903(M) it is the 1903 with the stamped stock bands butt plate, and triggerguard/magazine assy; it was a transistional rifle between the two models. the two-groove barrel is just as accurate as the four groove. they were used by many u.s. troops in the war. but were replaced as more M-1's came up to the lines. we didn't have sufficent amounts of M-1's on hand at the outbreak of war, there were enough machinery to increase o3 production to fill the gaps until other makers got the tooling to turn out M-1's. tell us more about it markings etc. but most importantly, did you buy it??;)
  5. Hi, Papa G,

    I also have a 1903 (Modified), s/n 32830XX, 11-42, which came with a scant stock and "blond" handguard. I found a stock in a field while working one day and a few years later after cleaning all the paint and tape off of it, turned out to be a perfectly matched FJA straight stock! Found a matching handguard and now, it's my nicest rifle.

    Like to hear about your rifle and Riccardo's, too.

    I'll try posting a picture of mine and see what happens.

    Rick the Librarian
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    :confused: Did you buy it? You didn't say that you did. I have a SA 03 and a SC 03A3. They had previously been "spoilerized", but are extremely accurate. Took my first deer with the 03. How much do they want for it in Italy?
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    Ciao Papa, thanks to you all for the informations, no i didn't buy it yet, for shure i will do, in Italy are very expensive, they ask for this one about € 800 , that more or less it is around 800 USD. It is impossible to find but if you find a nice SA 1903 you can pay 1500 USD for it, I so the very good price of CMP for this type of rifle. Ciao Riccardo
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    riccardo from what i gather that 1903 is a great buy in italy!!!! you are lucky to find it. i think $800. is about average here for one, some cheaper some more, just an average. by the way have you found an operating rod for that M-14??;)
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    Buon giorno Papa,
    I can find anything on the web even a flyng horse but no M14 op.
    Very difficult, no news, no reply,
    I forgot to say that in Italy the life expense are higher then there in the State, with one USD I can buy half compering with you there. So I will pay for the remington 1903 around 1600 USD, still a good price ? yes maybe for the seller ! Ciao Riccardo
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    hi riccardo, i understand your frustration in getting an operating rod. i don't know the laws regarding sending rifle parts to Italy, maybe someone might find you one here and send it to you. but not knowing all the laws involved, don't want to do anything illegal. i understand the living expenses, that 1903 may be high priced, but it all comes down to supply and demand and what you are willing to pay. but it all comes down to how much money you have. ciao friend!!!