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Finally, got this finished. And it is NOT a problem assembling it, I zipped right through it, however before I assembled it, I cleaned the parts and now it shoots slicker than snot.
Wood Automotive exterior Shotgun Tints and shades Metal

The cover is blued, it could be buffed to a luster later on if need be, however I thought it would help when shooting to keep any glare down.

Tool Wood Window Kitchen utensil Bag

Every part was checked for issues, everything is perfect. Having a assembly book helped, finding a assembly video on the internet really helped out. I have had several Remington 66 to service for customers, however I can't remember everything since I am working on several different firearms from time to time.

Brown Wood Door Flooring Pattern

Wood Office supplies Metal Gun accessory Nozzle

Wood Window Door Automotive lighting Automotive exterior

No serial number, pre 1968.

Font Aircraft Aviation Gun barrel Automotive exterior

Original booklet from the 1960's. It's really a great firearm since you can load through the stock with a lot of .22 ammo.
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