Remington 700 (1980) Firing When Safety is Taken Off

Discussion in 'Remington' started by animalspooker, Dec 20, 2014.

  1. animalspooker

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    Need advice. As said in my title, I have a 700 with the old bolt-block mechanism. Twice now it has gone off without me wanting it to. I know this is a Recall Gun, but Remington wants you to just fill out a form and mail it in without talking to anyone.

    Well, I'm not real comfortable with that. I'd like to talk to a human being, and I'd like them to tell me that they KNOW it is on its way....maybe give me a number or something????

    My question is this: if I buy a Rifle Basix/Timney trigger and replace it, will I essentially be doing the same thing they would be only with a little more expense and a lot less headache?

    SUBMOA G&G Evangelist

    Don't know the answer you seek. But if you do ship it off I would insure it at twice what its worth.

  3. tjdouglas

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    I have three 700s that fit the recall, one is a 700SPS that I purchased last October. All 3 now have Timney, although Remington will send you a box, pay for shipping. There have been hundreds of threads, magazine articles, blogs ect....over the years about the triggers. Good luck.
  4. Ron Eagle Elk

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    If you replace your trigger with a Timney, get the one with the safety. I used one in my 700 and it's worked fine ever since, plus the Timney trigger is clean and crisp.
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  5. lynxpilot

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    Strangely enough, I fit a Timney on my Weatherby Mk V (albeit it was set to 1.5 lb) and when I was wrapping up a day of attempted deer hunting, I took the safety off to cycle the bolt and clear the chamber and it went off as soon as I moved the safety to the fire position. I did a little research and read a few things on the net that the safety holds the firing pin but not the trigger, so if the trigger got pulled with the safety on, then it could cut loose when the safety was off. I'm still not sure if that's just a fact of life or something I need to fix. Sure as heck ain't gonna chamber a round until I'm ready to fire.
  6. rockman7

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    1.5 lbs is to light IMHo for hunting and could possibly go off by simply slamming the bolt down when goin for a follow up shot ,ect
  7. tjdouglas

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    Timney has a warning on the trigger(with safety)instructions not to set below 2 lbs. Although looking at the newest trigger I bought, the instructions warn against less than 1.5! Go figure.
  8. lynxpilot

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    Ava, MO
    The one I ordered (it's unique to Weatherby) is adjustable and offered preset from the shop wherever you want it between 1.5 and 3.0 lb. I sure hope it's not supposed to be set above 2 lb. because Timney set it to 1.5 lb.
  9. lynxpilot

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    Ava, MO
    Makes one think twice about position of the booger hook. If my etiquette was not so good before, it's perfect now. My rifle's a beast, with a brake to boot, and I didn't have my MickeyMousers on when it went off. Talk about ringing my bell.
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  10. rondog

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    Interesting. I have a 1980 700 BDL in .30-06, and it's never acted up. But it's probably barely been fired enough to get broken in. I'm also very hesitant to send it anywhere, but if Remington will pay for a new aftermarket trigger, I'll put it in.
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  11. CopperniX

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    Not sure of an exact cause for it but if you aren't going to send it into Remington I would suggest a trip to a local gunsmith.
  12. 870shooter1

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    I have had several Remington 700s and 721 series rifles over many years. As was posted elsewhere, all were for precision shooting from 25 yds to 1200 yds. Probably 20 rifles overall. Most had a gunsmith adjust the triggers to a very crisp 2lbs. Like glass rod crisp. No over travel and no creep.

    All that has been said to note there has never been a problem with the triggers. No ham fisted adjustments on any of my rifles. I've not paid more than 50 bucks for a trigger job and with a factory trigger, never had issues.

    The only thing I can think of is poorly adjusted triggers. There are two screws on a 700 trigger. While it is possible to lighten the pull using only one of the screws, it is not properly adjusted trigger and can be dangerous. Especially if your finger or anything else is near it or has pulled the trigger while on safe.

    I did like Harry Lawson's trigger guards of years ago, very similar to a shotgun safety, as it blocked the trigger from behind the trigger. Just could not fail!
  13. animalspooker

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    rockman - 1.5 is too low for a hunting rifle, that is more along the lines of a long range, precision, paper shooting rifle.

    rondog - I don't think I'm going to hold my breath on Remington mailing me any triggers.

    Guess I'll bite the bullet and order my 3+ pound trigger. The gun belongs to my 14yo.