Remington 700 - 223 or 308?

Discussion in 'General Rifle' started by pcman312, Oct 6, 2010.

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    I'm looking to get a Remington 700 fairly soon, but I'm a bit conflicted on what caliber I want to get it in. I've been pretty set on .223, but a friend of mine has been trying to convince me to get it in .308, so I wanted other opinions on the subject. First, some background: I have experience shooting .223 (I have an AR-15), as well as a large caliber bolt action rifle (Mauser Kar 98k in 7.92x57). I'd like this to be mainly a target rifle that I can use to shoot out to maybe 500 or more yards. I do see it as a semi-bench rifle, though I intend to put a bipod on it so I'm not restricted to shooting from a bench (I don't really go to ranges much, I prefer to go out into a place out in a forest or whatnot). I don't hunt, though I'm not opposed to the idea. I *might* hunt with it, but that's not really the main purpose of the rifle. I see it as a rifle that I can hone my target shooting skills with (my trigger control isn't the greatest =/).
    So far, here are the arguments for each caliber:

    Cheaper to shoot (I don't reload, though I probably will get into it at some point, just haven't yet)
    Less recoil (not really a big deal, but worth mentioning)
    Already have a rifle in the same caliber (5.56 technically, but can shoot .223 in either)

    Better at longer ranges than the .223
    Can hunt large game if I started hunting
    More options for reloading

    Let's argue :147:

    It should be noted that I am open to other calibers, however I like sticking with one of these two because other calibers are a bit less common and thus more expensive. If you want me to consider another caliber, list your reasons, and approximate costs of the caliber please (both factory prices and reloading prices). Thanks!
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  2. Well if you might hunt with it and are interested in long range shooting .308 is the way to go with it tossing in my 2 cents.

  3. Purdy

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    308 no contest.
  4. TGF

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    308 for long range. 223 is said to be effective out to 600 yards but honestly anything past 300 seems to be a crap shoot with my 223s. If you want to shoot really long range you should look into a 338 Lapua Mag. We got a chance to shoot one last weekend, and a 600 yards, with a head wind, Not one of us missed the target after the gun was dialed in.
  5. don5544

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    308. There isn't going to be any argument.

    Long range and hunting make it 308.
  6. Actually,

    my two favorite rounds are the 243 Winchester and the 7mm/08.
    You might wish to do some research on these calibers.
  7. pcman312

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    I should remind everyone that I probably won't hunt with it, though the possibility exists.

    As for the 338, I'm not looking to go for that one yet, I'm nowhere good enough to shoot out to the kind of range that you'd need one for.

    I'll look into the 243 and 7mm/08 and get back to you on those.
  8. stinkybriches

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    i dont normally push the .243 or 7mm-08, but for a straight up target rifle, these are good chamberings. the .308 is as well. the others will kick less.
    you dont say what model you are looking at. a rifle with a heavy long barrel will not be fun to run around hunting with.
    lastly, out of all the chamberings, the .223 will cost the least to shoot. honestly if i didnt have an AR-10 in .308, id personally go 7mm-08 for a target rifle.
  9. sniper762

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    there are many existing ballistic charts for target shooting the 308
  10. pcman312

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    Well, when I was looking specifically at the .223, I was thinking probably the SPS Tactical model, or possibly the VTR. I looked at both of them at Sportsmans Warehouse a couple of weeks ago and both felt nice. The VTR felt slightly lighter than the SPS-T, even though the specs say they are both 7.5 lbs. If I switch to a different caliber, I'd definitely look at the other models though. The SPS-T and VTR would both still be on my list though since they are both available in 308.
  11. Darkfront

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    I keep a 700 SPS Tactical in .308. However, .223 has proven itself to be a 1000 yard round, if you look at F Class competition. If all you're doing is punching paper with this particular rifle, then .223 is a good way to go.

    You can still take coyotes, and you can switch the .223 to a varmint rig pretty quickly, especially with the bench/target style you plan to do.
  12. 338RUM

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    For target shooting I would have to say either a 308 OR a 300 Win Mag, but the rifles you are looking at do not come in a magnum chambering step up to a Sendero II and get the 300 Win Mag... but you also step up in price by 700 bucks.
  13. Get the .308, if you don't you will regret it.
  14. waterdog

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    .308 gets my vote.
  15. hack1911

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    Good stuff DF. If you want a paper puncher for maybe up to 500 yards or so,(even out to 1,000) the 223 is a great choice. If you don't reload then 223 has a huge advantage over 308. I myself don't reload either, and my Remington 700 XCR Tactical in 308 rarely comes out, ammo is just too expensive, I just usually grab my AR for punching paper.

    Not to mention 223 is more fun to shoot, at least for me, due to low recoil, and low muzzle blast. For me it's not even close, in your situation, I'd go with the 223.
  16. big shrek

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    For strictly targets shooting & varmint killing, the .223

    For Hog & Deer & Target...the .308

    Only problem, you're looking at the wrong rifle if you go need to check out the Marlin XS7 :D
    It's better & less expensive by half :D
  17. 338RUM

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    Big Shrek, I knew you would post about that XS7.... LMAO How many of those do you have?
  18. big shrek

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    Marlin should have me on commission ;)
  19. 338RUM

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    I think they do send you a check every week or so, if they made one in 35 Whelen I would buy one!
  20. samuel

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    Don't tell Shrekky,but that great gun he brags about is just a forgery of a "SAVAGE".Probably made from Savage reject parts.