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    Hello all, I'm new here to the forum, and looking into getting a new hunting rifle that will be able to be used for just about any game in North America and think I’m going to go with the Remington Model 700 in 30.06. There are a couple different variants that I am having trouble deciding between though. The XRC II and the XHR. I also like the special Bone Collector edition, but it is just he XCR II with a camo pattern and bone collector logo, not sure that warrants the extra $100.

    XRC II – Has a trinyte coated stainless barrel
    Centerfire Rifle - Model 700 XCR II - Remington Centerfire Rifles

    Bone Collector Ed. XRC II – Same as XRC II with camo pattern and bone collector logo
    Centerfire Rifle - Model 700 XCR II Camo Bone Collector Edition - Remington Centerfire Rifles

    XHR - Has a non trinyte coated triangular fluted barrel.
    Centerfire Rifle - Model 700 XHR - Remington Centerfire Rifles

    Those are the two main difference that I have found, can’t decide which to go with. I want the most dependable tough rifle I can get as I may be using it in some extreme conditions. This makes me lean toward the XRC II with that trinyte coated stainless. On the other hand the XRC is suppose to be more accurate at longer distances…….I can’t decide. Let me know what you think or if there are any others I should consider.

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    May have put this in the wrong spot, if it belongs in the general firearm section feel free to move it.:spank:

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    I cannot see giving anymore money to Michael Waddell and Bill Jordan, just to have the Bone Collector name on it. I'd go the XRCII.
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    I would get the one I liked.(which would probably be the first one.(XCRII) ,,,sam.
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    Get the one you like, that you feel will suit your needs. I think you are spot on with the 30-06 though. Have you thought about savage. They are generally cheaper, if I am not mistaking. They are also very accurate. I got a Savage 110 in 30-06 used for $300. I couldn't even tell it had been shot at all. I am sure it will shoot MOA, just never have the chance to see. I would go to a gun shop and hold the ones I was thinking about to see which one fits you best and which one you like and go from there.
  6. Hi

    Congrats on a good choice of rifle and caliber as the thirty ought six has taken all game in North America for over one hundred years plus it is loaded in the widest range of bullet weights and styles of any caliber.

    I do understand Remington's production of the 700 in an almost mind numbing range of variations can cause decision problems.

    Accuracy is most dependent upon your practice with gun after mounting it with a good quality scope. Take time to get good with it.

    Otherwise, I would go with the style I like the most as all your choices to me are good.

    Best wishes.
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    I agree with the above. Choice of rifles listed depends mainly on what you will be happy with most for the long run. if you have the cash, it is up to you.

    No matter how it is dressed the 700 is going to give you stellar performance. "More accurate at longer ranges..." I doubt that many will see much difference. Unless it is built to target rifle specs. But like will be your pride of your gunsafe! Buy what will make you most proud.
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    I agree, you made a good caliber choice. I am completely happy with my Rem 700 in .30/06.
    MHO is save the $100 and buy some more ammo. You can find those bone hunter decals in just about every sporting goods store for alot less than $100...if you really want the logo. To me that's like paying a couple hundred for a Chevy decal on the windshield of your Chevy pick-up; people already know what you have.
    Happy shooting