Remington 700SPS Vs Milsurp Guns

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  1. Yesterday I got board so I broke out the shooting Irons and walked out the front door set up 4 Disc blades 300-400 tards down range. I grabed a couple 30 cals and started shooting. Fist I shot one of my garands. Then moved on to some of the bolt actions milsurp. My 1898 Krag carbine, a 1918 Eddystone P-17, and 1903. I ran about 20 rounds through each. Now I LOVE the P-17 love the action its smooth and fast,accurate, and heavy enogh I could shoot it all day long. The Krag has the smoothest action out of all of them but all and all I think all these have pretty slick actions. About a year ago I picked up another 700SPS in 30-06 I have one in 308 already. After shotoing these old war horses I figured I'd grab my 700's and mess around out to about the 400 yard area. After firing the first shot I though man these actions SUCK! Not even close to my old bolt guns, grity, and I almost though I had head space issues trying to chamber the round on the 30-06. Now both my 700's have around 200-300 rounds through them. I undetstand that all my Mil Surp guns have been shot thousands of times and that has a big part to do with it. I've just never shot these side by side like this.
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    My smoothest action is an old Remington 30s that was handed down to me from my grandpa, he carried and shot that thing for over 35 years all over north America... Maybe someday when my newer guns see their way into my childrens hands they will be just as smooth and broke in as the ol' model 30s. I guess some things do get better with age, unlike my eyesight..:thinking:

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    Is there a way to see what the mfg. date on a Remmy 700 is? Because my Rem 700 .30-06 is quite smooth. Quite a bit smoother than Dad's Ruger M77 .270. I know my 700 is quite old because of 1.) the weight, and 2.) the stock is a solid walnut stock with old-style checkering.
  4. Both my 700SPS's are no more than 3 years old.
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    I,ve got an Enfield (Ishapore 1968) and it is as smooth as they come.
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    Just take care of them rifles. They'll feel smooth as butter some day !!
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    i love the action on my bring back 98K and my uncles KRAG sporter. I never cared much for the cock on close actions, but i dont shoot them much. I think its more than just the war dogs being shot more. they still have the old world quality and design that you just cant find today. now its the more i can make for less the better.
  8. My K31 has a really slick action on it, Thinking the Remingtons just need a bit more of a breaking in period.
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    If you want to smooth out the action some, try polishing the bolt and bolt channels with Simichrome steel polish. I do that to all of my Mosin Nagants, some of which are pretty stiff when it comes to working the bolts even after I've thoroughly cleaned them. But if I spend an hour polishing the exterior bolt parts and the bolt channels in the receiver after the rifles have been completely cleaned, the action is as smooth as glass. It will be smooth enough that if you unlock the bolt, it will instantly fall to the limit of its travel if the rifle is standing upright. That's pretty smooth.