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Discussion in 'Remington' started by steveski, Sep 2, 2002.

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    Is this rifle any good. A local store has it on sale for $370 with a scope. I would only be using it for hunting once or twice a year. Is it worth the money or should I look elsewhere. Thanks in advance or any help.
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    But.. articles I read on it claim them to be very accurate and the reason the price is so low is the manufacturing process was changed to "better, faster" etc etc. Sounds like to me some poor american lost his job to a computer or a foreigner to me!
    The biggest difference i noticed when handling one at walmart, compared to traditional rifles is the action and the way it locks up when the bolt is in the forward position. Supposedly the bolt locks up in the barrel and not the receiver. I didn't like the tight action, but as far as i know it is a safe and economical rifle. The barrel isnt threaded to the receiver it is pressed on as once again the bolt locks to the barrel, this is ok in my opinion, but sounds like a throw away gun if you fell in love with it but for some reason wanted better accuracy i don't know how you would ever buy a new barrel for it or customize it. In fact it could be rather easy to have a custom barrel installed but I know of noone that does it.. i have heard of no complaints and it sounds like a good way for you to get in some big game hunting without busting your budget.
    Word of advise is to check out Savage. Savage makes a rifle/scope/case deal that rivals the model 710 and from personal experience Savage rifles are very very accurate. but remingtons are too.

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    I had a 710. Nothing really wrong with it, depends on what you want. Everything said above of a technical nature is true. No open sites, no cutomizability without serious smithing. It's a package gun, nothing else. I'm told that the bolt smoothens with use and lubrication (self lubricating my foot). Mine was $350 and I would never pay more. I sold it to go towards an M1 Garand and a Savage in 300 Ultra Magnum.
    All in all, nothing wrong with it, but you may want to see if it's really what you like. I'd second the reccomendation of a Savage. The way I see it, Remington doesn't hold a candle to Savage's accuracy. With Savage you have more options. The main advantage of the Remington 710 is it's ultimate durability, lock stock and barrel. The stock is comfortable too with the Monte Carlo cheekpiece, and the material feels nice, though oily hands will slip on it.
    Here's my reccomendation: Check both out, shop around, and get a firm price for each. Then decide what you want. If your conditions are hazardous, go with 710, especially cold weather. If extreme accuracy is what you want, go with Savage, though 710 will probably do fine for hunting.
    Savage does offer stainless synthetic models, but they cost more.

    By the way, I thought no one could top the 710's stock for ergonomic comfort, at least with my body, then I got my Savage.
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