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Remington 7400

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Who has one? Who likes them? Are they accurate worth a darn? I was always curious about them, considered buying one once. The idea of a 30-06 autoloader appealed to me, especially the availability of ten round mags. After getting my M1, the practicality of it was nonexistent, but I'm still curious. When I was planning to get one, I had all sorts of designs for giving it a carry handle and AR-15 style pistol grip.

One fellow advised me that it's a deer rifle, not a blaster, and that it would wear out fast under rapid fire and frequent use. True, false?
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I have a 7400 in 280 Rem & a 740 in 30-06. Both are very acurate. As far as the other questions don't know just use them for hunting.
Always in the red from 50 to 200 yards which is all I need for deer hunting.
1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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