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Remington 742 Semi- 30-06

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The action on my semi does not seem to functio properly. It is very hard I need to put lots of force to pull it back. Most of the times it is jamming. I have to jiggle t back and forth until it releases. Is this a common problem with these guns, any suggestions for repar??
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if i remember remington had a recall on the 742 for this problem check the web sight and make sure i might be wrong
it was the 742 the rifle was discontinued and recalled had problem with the reciever sticking and plowing up in the reciever check it carfully cant find parts list or replacements for it
Anyone tried grease in these?
yes , grease lube th whole job. Even tried dry lubing it. Any idea where I can find out about the recall. I looked at Remington's website but no luck.
hoping someone else would know more abought this but call a gunsmith to make sure 2 gunsmiths told me abought the 742 the recall was in the early 80s so info was limited to me to i tried to find a reciever to one that was like yours i gave up after not finding any results went to williams gun sights in davidson mi they told me of recall if you want there number ask i will find for you
ok ill try to get this right the 742 was recalled due to it being able to fire with the bolt not seated in the forward position wensforth a unchambered round going off the recall was in the early 80s making several users unfriendly and unhappy try emailing remington abought this and see if you get reply from them let me know because im getting to be personal with this
I have a 742, had it since the late '50's. Have shot it so much that I have no idea how many tens of thousands of shells have gone thru it. I was given about a pickup load~~yes, that much~~ of Machine Gun ammo in the mid '60's, not knowing any better, shot it all thru that little rifle. It broke the extractor, but other than that, have not had any problems with the rifle. In fact, my daughter still uses it to hunt deer. Guess I got one of the good ones, or that old plow grease on the rails kept it running.

I traded for a 742 last year. The bolt would not go all the way forward sometimes. Especially when chambering the first round. I broke it all the way down and cleaned it really well. I dry lubed it and it seemed to work better, but it would still sometimes jam. I decided to replace the magazine (New one has a plastic base). I have had no problems, since. Mine was made in the 60's.

The 742 replaced the 740 that jammed all the time, My 742 carbine shot flawless, I never heard of problems with the 742,
With hand loaded ammo I could shoot groups under 1" @ 100 yards,
Paul aka Sporty
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