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Sorry to see such a nice old gun take a hit like that.

Titebond II (blue bottle) is what you want to use as it is formulated for out of doors applications. The normal Titebond "grab" will break down under high humidity conditions or if it gets wet. After glueing, be sure to eipe off any excess with a damp cloth before the glue sets. The surgical tubing is great for clamping an uneven shape like that. If you can't locate it, you also press small bungee cords into service to hold it tight while it dries.

The good contact from the clean break will hold the repair in place without reinforcement. If you clamp it good and tight and keep it aligned, the split should be barely detectable. I do those types of repairs and because the split follows the grain perfectly, I can typically do a light touch up and make it an undetectable repair.
1 - 1 of 15 Posts