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Remington 770 rifle, is this a upgraded rifle

Discussion in 'Remington' started by bananalover, Nov 10, 2011.

  1. bananalover

    bananalover G&G Regular

    I am interested in purchasing a new Remington 770 .308 for hog/deer hunting. Any post i have viewed about the Remington 770 are all negative feedback about this rifle but, all post are atleast 2 years old. Cant find any feedback that is reasonable recent.

    Is the Remington 770 upgraded or improved from several years ago???

    Is the Remington 770 a good rifle for the $? Our local dealer has several in several different calibers already mounted w a scope for $297.00 w tax..
  2. jprtn

    jprtn G&G Newbie

    I bought one for my daughter to deer hunt with for 250.00 used and though I got a good deal later I was talking to a friend of mine that has been a gunsmith for years and he told me it was the cheapest and sorriest gun remington makes and DICKS sporting goods were selling them for 200.00 I like the one I got I guess time will tell.
  3. Palladin8

    Palladin8 G&G Evangelist

    Bananalover I would recommend buying a Remington 700 ADL from Walmart before you buy a Remington 770. Or you could buy the Remington SPS which is an upgraded ADL. I have read nothing but bad about the 770. They are an upgraded Remington 710
  4. jforbush

    jforbush G&G Newbie

    I have had a 770 now for YEARS....I have taken countless deer with it. It was as ugly as sin, the trigger was not that great but it is accurate, works every time I pull the trigger and funtions each and every time I need it too. Is there better bolt guns out there, you bet there is but this one serves its purpose.

    Here she is after I worked a little Cerakote magic on her...still need to get the scope, bolt and trigger back on her but you get the idea.




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  5. texnmidwest

    texnmidwest Sir Loin of Beef Forum Contributor

    Some love the 770/710 rifles. I am not one of them. My issue is that if you try to cycle the bolt quickly it sticks with even slight sideways pressure. Other than is a decent starter rifle.
  6. jforbush

    jforbush G&G Newbie

    agreed...there are for sure better rifles out there.
  7. BadHabit

    BadHabit G&G Newbie

    I started a post under the remington heading. there are several more comments and ideas there. I have a 710, and it is alright. Mine is 7mm mag. the 770 is the upgraded version of the 710. if you are not sure or on the fence about getting one, I have lots of good things about the Savage that is within 10-15 dollars of the 770. My rifle cycles fine, but yes, after firing the bolt can be a little sticky. I teflon sprayed the slide and mag clip and they both function well.
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  8. Da Mc

    Da Mc G&G Newbie

    Remington 770

    I have a 770 that I bought 2 yrs ago. It is on my opinion the best value for the money for an out of the box accuracy rifle. Most of the complaints that. I have seen online is a sticky bolt. I have not experienced that with mine. I also worked the action before. I bought it to see if it was satisfactory. If not, then try another one. I found mine to function reliably without hanging up even when cycled rapidly. First thing to do though is sell the scope it comes with and put a decent one on that will do the rifle some justice. You should have no problems hitting consistent bulls with the right loads. Mine is in 7mm-08 and still performs great after hundreds of rounds @ the range. Good luck.
  9. sea_chicken1

    sea_chicken1 G&G Evangelist

    The best money you can spend on a bolt action hunting rifle is a savage hands down. The only rifle worth buying from Remington is the 700 ADL. The 770 and they rest of their line including the marlin rifles are rattle traps. I looked at a 770 a while back and pulled the bolt to inspect the chamber, and the bolt and action were very loose to the point where I would be afraid to shoot it. The bolt also got stuck open and would not fit up right or slide back into position, like trying to fit a square block into a round hole.
  10. HandsomeRob

    HandsomeRob G&G Newbie

    I have a Savage Axis in 308 Win.. A long time friend bought a Remington 770 in 308 Win.. He asked to sight it in for him and get it ready for deer hunting. I took him up to the range and got him right on at 100 yds. The gun shot well and accurate! I only have 2 problems with the gun. One is yes, a sticky bolt. If your not sure what that feels like, its like someone painted the bolt and it catches when you push it forward or back. Honestly not that big of a buzz kill for me. Second is the magazine, its designed weird. In 308 Win. factory ammo it was a pain to push ammo in from the top. I don't think we even got one in through the top. We had to slide the follower down with the primer end and push it back. Plus there is a piece of plastic in the back so they aren't pushed back like a normal mag.
    That said if I was given one I wouldn't give it away. It shot well and was accurate. The mag if they all are that way I could get used too. The bolt I could probably make better might be even something in the way.
    If your looking for a deer hunting gun your only going to use in a two week period out of the year its a good gun. I recommend the Savage Axis! Heres why the bolt is silky smooth. The mag has none of the problems I mentioned and the barrel is free-floated. The 770 is not. His looked like the stock was molded to the barrel. Both guns are around 300 bucks with scopes at Walmart. I paid $305 on and used a local FFL for my Savage. I bring this up because if your asking about the 770 you don't have the $500+ to spend on a gun and $200+ for a scope like me. If your still looking around and don't want the Savage Axis or the Remington 770. Check out a Steven's 200, Mossberg 100ATR (this has a fluted barrel and LBA trigger which is like the Accutrigger from Savage), or a Marlin XS7. These are around 300 bucks for just the gun.
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  11. volsman909

    volsman909 G&G Newbie

    I would stay away from the 770. My friend had one and if definately was not a rifle I would recommend to anyone. The accuracy was pretty good, but I don't think accuracy is something you will ever have to worry about with a remington. The bolt was less than mediocre. It felt loose and liked to hang up and the magazine design was not to my liking. However my biggest hang up is that it has the Walker trigger system. Its the same as in the old 700s and there has been numerous documented accounts of the rifle firing without the trigger being pulled.
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  12. deadzero

    deadzero G&G Evangelist Forum Contributor

    for $299.99 you can have a Marlin XS-7 in .308. with that you get, fluted bolt, adjustable trigger group, detachable mag, solid 1 piece scope base already installed, and great out of the box accuracy. this would be money well spent.
    price does not include scope, but the package gun scopes for the most part aren't worth keeping anyway.

    as far as the 710/770 Remingtons..... well... Ford made a Pinto, Chevy made a Corvair and Vega, Cadillac made a Cimmeron..... just goes to prove nobodys perfect.......
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