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Remington 788

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Any Remington 788 fans out there? Got a carbine version in .308 with a 4X Tasco. Handloading to see what it prefers. Good accurate little gun. If I can't get that new 7X57 Ruger #1A to shoot the way I want it to, I'll take the 788 up deer hunting this year.
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Rem 788

Well Remington did one thing wrong when they brought out the 788.
They made it shoot as good or better than the 700. So they fixed the mistake and quit making the 788......can ya fix a mistake with another mistake?

Any way i've got a couple of 788 right now had three at one time.

I wish i still acould get a new 6mm 788 best open country deer and coyote gun. i've shot to date!!!!

I got a .243 a 6mm and had a .22-250 and i wishing for a .223 saw one sell one day when i didn't have the ready cash and i all most cried!!!!!!!($275)
1 - 1 of 46 Posts
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