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Remington 788

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Any Remington 788 fans out there? Got a carbine version in .308 with a 4X Tasco. Handloading to see what it prefers. Good accurate little gun. If I can't get that new 7X57 Ruger #1A to shoot the way I want it to, I'll take the 788 up deer hunting this year.
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Do you have the bolt in the cocked and locked position? It has to be cocked and locked down in order for the safety to move. To remove the bolt from the action you need to withdraw it rearward and push the safety full forward. Reverse to reassemble.

Attached is a trigger diagram for the 788. I got it from a poster on another forum. It depicts modifications to add adjustments. It will give you an idea of how the mechanics work.


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Attached is a trigger diagram for the 788. I got it from a poster on another forum. It depicts modifications to add adjustments. It will give you an idea of how the mechanics work.[/QUOTE]

Thanks bobvz for the diagram. I had replaced the triggers in two of my 788's @ $135.00 a pop and the latest I bought needed some work. Boy you talk about cruddy. So I figured since I already had two triggers to practice on I why not give it a try. I cleaned and fine stoned, trimmed the spring 2 coils, oiledand reassembled everything and it sure made a difference.

Cautiion: Don't attempt this job unless you are mechanically blessed.
788 - issues

I grew up my dad bought a 788 in 243. At the time I thought it had to be the best rifle ever built. 20-30 years later my brother has snagged that rifle and I'll never own it. But I wouldn't mind getting another.

Having read up on them I've learned about the lugs not meshing perfectly, but if used with factory ammo it "SHOULDN'T" be an issue. How many of you have checked the head spacing or had head spacing issues with these rifles?

I only ask because I recently had a bad experiance buying a Savage 110 having bad head spacing (among other issues) from some jack*** firing extremely hot handloads through it. Given the accuracy of the 788 it wouldn't surprise me if more than one [email protected] has ruined them doing the same.

To be honest I'm more than a bit leary of these for that issue. I'm still looking for one, I just won't buy one because its for sale....
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I had a 788/223 and a 788-22/250 that had been sitting for several years. I use good oil when cleaning.....Got them out about a year ago and both had the triggers completely frozen. (Took me a while to figure out the problem!) Took the trigger housings apart and thoroughly cleaned. (Gummed completely up) Like you say, unless you are mechanically inclined, take it to a gun shop!

Purchased both guns in the 80s for Groundhog hunting, then moved to the city and sorta lost interest. I am now retired and getting back into varmint
hunting slowly. I have owned and shot several caliber varmint guns and I still think the 788 is hard to beat at any price!
I've owned seven Rem. 788's at one time or another. I still have three of them, .222, 22-250, & .308. I've never seen one that didn't shoot. My .308 is an older model with a 20" bbl. After some work(more than I ever had to do on any other 788) It will now shoot 165 Nos. BTs into 1/2" at 100 yards (3 shot) and do it consistantly.
Sell the #1 and buy two 788's you'll be happier in the long run! Yes I admit it, I'm a Ruger Rifle hater, like the handguns, and the shotguns are OK, but I'll never buy another ruger rifle again! I've owned enough of them, and worked on many others, I learned my lesson!

Dave I have a Mod 788 243 cal. I bought in 1970. In fact I bought 2 of them with 1 number difference between the last 2 # in the serial endings. Bad part my EX got one of them. I hand load for the one I have and at 200 yards a 5 shot group is the size of a quarter at 100 yards it is a dime. My eyes are getting a little off now but still hold a hole in hole at 100 yards. Wish I could get my DPMS 223 to tighten up a little more with my hand loads. 5 shot group at 150 yards is a 1/2 dollar but still working on it. Might need a better scope. The gun likes a 55 gn fmjbt and IMR4895 power. The crow's in my back pasture don't like it much but it's fun to see the feathers fly.
A friend of mine had a 788 in .243 that was a great shooter with Rem. 100 gr Core Lok factory. That was the only load he even tried. I would imagine it would've been awesome with some handload work.
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