Remington Buyout complete!

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    LeftHandShooter: another article. (I like)

    Details filed in bankruptcy court on Sunday show individual bidders interested in individual Remington assets.

    Based on court filings, Remington's shotgun line, which is produced by Remington in Ilion, would be purchased by the Roundhill Group, LLC, a property investment firm located in Virgina. The group has bid on the non-Marlin firearms business, which would include the Remington facility in Ilion and Tennessee

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    Almost hate to put it this way, but about time some responsible adults ran some things.

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    Maggots stripping the carcasse down, bones and all. :oops:

    Remington no longer exists as we knew it.
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    Hey maybe this time Marlin wont suck now with this transition.
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    I am pleased to see Ruger take over Marlin, as I collect levers as well as Ruger single actions. I can get my cowboy addiction at the same place now. I have 3 Remlins from 2008, 2010, and 2012 and they are great, without any of the flaws I read about. In fact all three are basically equal to my older JM Marlins. I just did not run across any of those bad production runs. But this purchase should solve any of those issues for anyone else.
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    Writing was on the wall for quite a while. Sure did like the 1100s.
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    they had to re-introduce the 1100's to try and help their lagging shotgun sales, then re-done them into a fancy package called the V-3 only they sorta done it different.
    the concept worked great in plastic stocks but was too hard on the wood versions so they had to re-design that one.