Remington heavy varmint barrel thumbhole

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  1. Has anyone got one of the beautiful remington heavy varmint barreled thumbhole stocked rifles?I handled one at the shop the other day and it felt very comfortable.Does it shoot as good as it feels?
  2. Yes I have one in .204 ruger. Heavy stainless bbl laminated stock with a thumb-hole it is very fun to shoot, and comfortable on this lite recoiling rifle.

  3. SwedeSteve

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    Hey, that is a beauty of a rifle !!
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    I special ordered a Rem Custom Shop 40XB single shot with brown Laminated Thumb Hole stock chambered in 260 Rem with a 1:8" twist barrel.
    Rifle is 4yrs old & NIB.
  5. If history is a teacher . . .

    . . . the the lesson is this rifle will shoot as good or better than it feels or looks.

    Good luck and good shooting.