Remington m700 30-06 sps ?

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    Hi there im kinda new at this stuff but I really been wanting to get the Remington M700 SPS 30-06. My dad has older remington M700 wooden stock and that was first 30-06 that I ever shot. I shot first time at 100 yards I hit in the bullseye (luck shot probaly) mostly cause though really good gun. I have been looking every where for the model the sps 30-06 in synthetic reason for synthetic is cause alot cheaper than wooden stock. I have gone whole bunch pawn shops gun stores I even went cabelas they had one but there so $ new. Not to bad but even used guns at cabelas cost the same as brand new one its stupid over glorefied (sorry spelling) hunting store and puts the smaller gun shops out business. Usally the smaller gun shops know what there talking about. Dont get me wrong though it is fun go cabelas look around its more of tourist attraction I think (personal opinion). I can't find any in 30-06 I know they make them I just keep finding .308 and the gun shops usally says they have to order that kind and I did just move idaho and id like to get that size caliber for hunting elk im in Texas right now though. its kind hard ? you probaly think dumb ? though idk and it seems like when i ask the guy at the counter for that type in 30-06 kinda look at me funny:confused: What ever opinion you have helps
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    Is it that you just want the 700 in 30-06 or is it that you would be happy with another brand rifle in 30-06 if it shot just as well and was in your price range?!

    The 700 is one of the finest mainstream commercial rifles and it is hard to beat. I own a couple myself. But if you are having trouble finding a synthetic stocked -06 then I would suggest taking a look at the Savage line of rifles! They are well made and very accurate right out of the box. Plus, they can be had for 300 bucks give or take a buck or two.

    Also, check out and for online auctions. Sometimes there are deals there.

    Also, If you are in Texas look to see if there is a Gander Mountain near you. They usually have reasonable used guns. OR if you are near Austin...McBrides guns is the mecca as far as I am concerned!

    Good luck!


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    Oh i still want the 30-06 remington yeah I went too mcbrides lol they had really good amount guns and prices good too they didn't have it used though :( I will try gander too see my range is maybe 400 to 490 I just Graduated and got alot money from friends familiy which good like getting free gun lol but yeah i check out gander i have seen some savages those really nice gun too i was thinkin about savage too thanks for help:)
  4. Well,

    in my opinion Cabella's has a lot to do with show and not so much to do with go in the knowledge dept. I have about the same opinion of the
    Gander Mountain store west of Amarillo.

    The Remington 700 in thirty ought six is a gun will a long history and a lot of rifles produced.

    Go to a gun store where they know something about the products they sell. If they do not have one in stock they can certainly get one for you.

    Ought six ammo is the widest loaded bullet in terms of weight range and style in America.