Remington Model 510 Targetmaster

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    A good friend of mine has an old Remington 510 .22 for sale for $75. The gun is in fair condition, most of the finish is gone, the stock is in good condition but is discolored in spots. It shoots great. I have never refininished a gun before would it be hard? Is this a good gun to buy? is $75 a good deal? can you wear out the barrel in a .22? If so how can you tell? How much would it cost to reblue&refinish the gun? If i could get the gun fixed up I think it would be a great squirrel rifle. Thanks for the help
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    Thanks for the links they were very helpfull!
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    I'm with sam. Get the rifle. You said it shoots good, and it takes a whole lot of shooting to wear out a .22. I don't know how hard it would be to reblue, but the stock shouldn't be to hard. It will also make the rifle more meaningful to you. I would but it for $75, but I love shooting my .22's.
  5. I've got one in very good condition. It's the most acurate 22 I own. I was told here back when I joined gun and game these rifles were manufactured as early as the 1930's.
    The stock on these rifles are the best I've ever shouldered with the full pistol grip.
    Another thing that is good about the rifles is the the locking lugs.

    Fix'er up and enjoy it, it's probable got many more years of use left in it.

    Congrats !