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Remington Model 7 Custom MS

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Here's a pic of the latest addition to my gunsafe. It's a Remington Model 7 Custom MS chambered for the .260 Remington. The new Burris Short Mag 3x-9x scope is cradled in Burris Posi-align rings attached to a Leupold one piece base. It's one sweet handling package and will be my whitetail rifle this coming fall. My rifle hunting for whitetails takes place in the Black Hills NF in Wyoming and will make a great stalking and stand rifle since very few shots over 200 yards are available. I shot a few 129 gr. Hornady SSt's the other day at 100 yards sighting in the scope and it did quite well - 3 shots in 1 1/8". For a mannlicher stocked gun I think this is great and more practical accuracy than is needed for my situation. When the weather lets up a little I'll do more serious load development. I may try some 125 gr. Nosler Partitions in the future. Has anyone had any field experience with the 129 gr. SST's?

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Beautiful! I've always had a soft spot for the full length stocks, and the 260 Rem is a sweeet tack driving round.
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