Remington Model 700 Accidental Discharges

Discussion in 'Remington' started by SwedeSteve, Oct 20, 2010.

  1. SwedeSteve

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    Remington is back in the news, again with an accidental shooting from a M700 that discharged with no one holding the trigger. This brings the total to some 1200 shootings since the rifle was introduced. There is even a video made by Marines documenting one discharge. The news report on TV stated that there are customer complaints and executive memos on file showing that they've known about the faulty trigger system for decades. REALLY ???????
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  2. CopperniX

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    I dunno about them knowing about it for decades but its something Remington should probably look into.

  3. Dixie girl

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    Heres the link to the news report. It'll be on CNBC tonight.

    News Headlines
  4. SwedeSteve

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    There is someone who is coming out with this show that supposedly has copies of in-house memos going back to the 50's (?).
  5. Purdy

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    They had a case here a few years ago and it turned out that "someone" had tried to "adjust" the trigger. Just goes to show you should leave triggers and sears alone if you don't know what you are doing.
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    New York
    Funny thing; no one in my gun club has ever run across a Model 700 that had an accidental discharge, and the rifle has been in production for what, 50-plus years now? Collectively, the members I spoke to have three or four centuries of shooting experience ranging from hunting to long range centerfire competition, and they have never known anybody who had an accidental discharge with a Model 700. I think Purdy has the right of it: any time a Model 700 discharges without a finger on the trigger, someone who doesn't know what he's doing has been monkeying with the trigger group.
  7. A-10

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    I've had my 700 for years and I have never had an accidental discharge even when hiking and crashing through heavy brush with a round chambered.
  8. Rambo

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    Remington had an issue with one of their models, not sure if it's the 700. It was said that when the safety is engaged, you could pull the trigger and the gun would not fire. If you then released the safety, the gun would fire without touching the trigger. I have 1/2 dozen Remingtons and have never had an issue with this, two of which are model 700's.
    Just goes to show no one should be in front of any firearm's muzzle and to never trust the safety.
  9. Martin Rage

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    "Tragedy struck the Barber family during a hunting trip outside Bozeman, Montana. Rich and Barbara Barber’s 9-year-old son Gus was fatally shot when the Remington 700 rifle discharged while Barbara was unloading the gun. She says she’s certain her finger was not on the trigger." This is the same CLAIM that we ALWAYS here. Never point the weapon at anything you do not intend to SHOT. These stories always sound to me like someone refusing to admit they made a huge mistake.
  10. Brother Bob

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    ....and this, ladies and gentlemen, is referred to as "passing the buck" which costs us all. But then again, who would want to admit to accidentally shooting their 9 year old son........
  11. TheLastMountain

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    About 20 years ago, a friend and I were hunting and he had his on a sling pointing down behind his back and it went off. He did not have the safety on and the trigger got caught on a piece if his jacket. Later I also found out his dad had tried to adjust the trigger. Lucky no one was hurt.
  12. CrazyIvan

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    CNBC? Oh joy! ...that will be a dandy of an anti-gun report.
  13. I think that the ambulance chasers are poised for a run at Remington's deep pockets. When there are as many rifles of one model out there in the hands of the public as are Rem. 700s there are bound to be some ADs/NDs. Since the trigger is adjustable many many people that have no business "adjusting" them have done so. I think that Remington had better make the business decision to fight each and every lawsuit all the way to the SCOTUS. ........... Big Cholla
  14. Mooseman684

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    There is a design flaw in the Remington trigger assembly that allows the gun to discharge when you flip the safety off...Most of the time, dirt, twigs or debris in the trigger pack has been to blame, but a hard bump to the gun while on safety or pulling the trigger can result in the connector being "tripped" and if it doesnt return into position when you flip the safety off...BOOM.
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  15. killsnapz

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    Not buying this one either. The Remington 700? One of the most produced bolt action rifles used by all four military services as a sniper rifle for 40 years. Sorry but once again dollars to donuts I would bet my life that this is operator error once again as always. Remember the Toyota sudden acceleration problem earlier this year. How many cases of this sudden acceleration have been proven to be a manufactures defect? Not a single one yet the stupid media ran with this story for weeks. Once the truth started coming out that it was not a defect they dropped the story and never reported on the fact that every single case was operator error. I am totally convinced that the human race will soon be gone from this planet from what I am seeing stupidity seem to be the norm instead of the acception and blaming an inanimate object for your stupidity has become completely acceptable. As stated earlier rule number one NEVER point a firearm at anything you do not want to blow up or kill. Here endith the lesson!

  16. Midas

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    I remember this being an issue some years ago, but I thought Remington had finally gotten the problem under control? I know that I haven't heard of this happening with new guns.
  17. blaster

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    I have several hunting buddies that use the 700 and never had a problem. one day I was hunting with another friend and his 700 did go off. if I remember corectly, he said it was after chambering a round and putting the saftey on or off. that rifle was new at the time and had never had any trigger work done on it.
  18. Ricbor2619

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    Posted this in another thread, moving it here...

    Believe it, no matter how hard headed you may be. Don't go jumping to conclusions. Had this happen to me on the range last weekend. I've been shooting since I was 7 (now 51) and have 3 mod 700's. This was originally my Dad's 700BDL in .308 Win (purchased new in 1975 which I have been shooting since then). This trigger has never been screwed with. When I pushed the safety forward with finger completely away from trigger, call it what you want, the gun went off without my intending it to. This was the first and only time this has happened to me. And before you naysayers start spouting off, I maintain my firearms and don't neglect them, and I was darn sure where my trigger finger was. Yes, it scared the crap out of me. Luckily, it was pointed down range as I never point a gun at anyone, or where anyone might be. My Dad taught me a long time ago - Never, ever, trust a safety. Safeties and empty guns have killed a boatload of folks. Don't think you know everything because you never do. BTW, I can't stand NBC either but, this ain't no GMC pickup blowing up with a fuel tank full of explosives.
  19. Mooseman684

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    Did you Read My post (#14) ?
    This has been known for many years by gunsmiths and I recall that there are over 1000 incidents on file so BELIEVE It !!! The floating Connector is the problem if it doesnt reset properly or even Vibration on Horseback can move it out of position while on safety and so the sear releases when the safety is taken off and the gun fires...This is why Most Alaskan Hunters do NOT chamber a round until they see the animal and get ready to shoot...There is actually NO reason anyone cant work the bolt and shoot rather than carry a round under the hammer and the gun on Safe...
    I know what I'm talking about...
  20. Midas

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    Rich thank you for the clarification, I knew that there had been an issue, but I did not know the specifics.