Remington Model 700 Accidental Discharges

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    I took care of the bolt lock myself and installed a Timney years ago, never had a problem. The timney is way better than the factory trigger.

  2. So the Remington 700 ADL Varmint rifle in 223 I just bought is okay then - no worries?

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    LHS...GO back up and READ my post #58 again !!!
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    News from Remington

    I just got an E-mail from Remington. I send my 700 to them to check out the trigger. I purchased the gun in 1973 and had less than 50 rounds thru it. While cleaning it I had a a unexpected discharge. (no ammo)
    I was just informed that they installed the X-Trigger and that the trigger had signs of tampering. I never touched he trigger or knew that it could be adjusted. They also stated that they could not replicate the problem.
    I'm thankful I have a new trigger for $37.00. But is this there way to disassociate themselves with liability. I altered the trigger so that caused the problem but we are nice guys. It's not our fault.
    Anyway, I thank you Remington for renewed confidence in my 700.
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    Came across this thread, so thought I'd put a bit more into it.

    I used to shoot high power rifle matches with a former Remington field rep. His job was to see what customers and 'smiths had to say about their products and help solve problems. Although he was the 1964 National NRA High Power Rifle Champion, he won it with his Winchester Model 70 with a Hart barrel. So I asks him back in the early 1980's why he did this.

    Says he, the Remington 7XX trigger is one of the few mistakes the company has made. Prone to accidental discharges and more important, the safety lock didn't lock the firing pin like Winchester 70's did. And it wasn't very repeatable; let off and pull weight varied too much. Besides, the Winchester receiver had more attributes for accuracy and reliability anyway, so why not use the best box magazine clip-fed action on the market.
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    Thanks Remington

    I'm impressed. I just got my Rem 700 back from the factory. The new trigger is smooth and exact. What a difference. I think it comes set at 2 lbs as there is no hesitation or pull play. Thank you Remingon. I bought a new Nikon Monarch 3x9-40 for it and can't wait to take it to the range.
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    I have the new designed trigger as well on a .257 Wea Mag 700 CDL--it is truly a dream trigger contrary to what some have said earlier.
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    euu ..y the hell would anyone point a loaded firearm towards someone anyway isnt that against all safety logic
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    My rule of thumb is not to believe anything coming out of mainstream media regarding shooting sports, hunting, or any combination/variation thereof. The folks behind such reports are both biased and ignorant at once. I fear any exposure could prove leathal and induce irreversable damage...not ready to surrender my common sense and man card.
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    Well , I Sir am NOT Mainstream media , I am A Master Gunsmith so you should go back and read what I posted above. If it was 100% safe we would not be discussing it here.
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    My post wasn't directed at you or anyone else posting useful and accurate information. I suppose I should have quoted the post that prompted me to I can't find it.

    I never intended to insult or make light of such a serious subject. I tend to be a bit cynical and/or sarcastic at, my apologies.
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  12. or unloaded. all firearms are to be considered loaded and Hot and need to be checked and cleared when picked up or being set down. if someone hands me a firearm to look at, I will check and clear it, even if I just saw them do it. no excuses to do otherwise, and that is LAW on my range.
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    I just read all the posts in this thread. I have had the same problem with a British 303. If the bolt is not completely closed, and the trigger is pulled, the firing pin is released, and when the bolt is fully closed the weapon fires.

    In my case it was operator error.

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    Remington 700

    I have never seen or know anyone who has ever had a issue with a Remmey 700 the only guns i have seen that had a problem was a Browning BLR 243 a buddy of mine had we got out of the truck that morning & i had just loaded my rifle & he loaded his & when he close the lever boom it almost burst my eardrum & when he contacted Browning the really didn't care that it was not working correctly so we did a little testing of this rifle & found that when the last round was chambered the gun fired when the lever was closed he told me that he bought the rifle back in the late 70's
    & he had a bunch of guns he took it to a gunsmith & then the gunsmith called Browning & they changed thier minds rather quickly then .Thas the only rifle i have ever saw that was not a safe gun
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    rem trigger fix

    I tried adjusting my 700 trigger but it seemed it was all or nothing. it seemed to me that the spring curve was way to fast, there was little adjustment on the screw between 4lbs pull and a dangerous trigger. guys are going to have a fit..................I took the spring out of a bic lighter, cut it into about half and replaced the original spring.
    the adjustment screw doesn't give me much adjustment but I just measured the pull at about 1lb 11 oz. I shoot the gun a lot and have about 1800 into it. it shoots less than .3 moa, and I am just learning PRECISION SHOOTING.
    I built my first gun when I was 13 out of adding machine parts
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    I saw a picture of the rifle after the stock had been taken off. The bottom of the receiver, trigger group and just about everything that was covered by the stock was rusted badly. Although my heart goes out to these people I am not convinced it was the rifle.
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    Do you guys always have a round in the chamber or something? We don't load one up the spout until we have a intended target. Thus no issue of the ND!!
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    Ack! Just ran my serial number and it has to go back. Pity. o_O
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    Just heard about the recall via the Gun Talk podcast. Will have to check the Model 700 my father bought a couple of years ago.
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    I do.
    as soon as I'm ready to leave camp and stalk hunt, a round is chambered and safety on and the trigger area is not touched. the round comes out if I have to deal with any obsticle on my journey like crossing a fence or creek, or any other hazzard.

    not doing so makes about as much sense as bird hunting with the shotgun shells in you pocket instead of in the gun.