Remington Model 700 Accidental Discharges

Discussion in 'Remington' started by SwedeSteve, Oct 20, 2010.

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    I have 4 different Remington Model 700 rifles, and I have NEVER used the safety on any of them.

    When hunting, I keep the chamber empty until I am in position to take a shot, and I keep my finger outside the trigger guard until I am on target.

    My Remington 700 rifles are the most accurate rifles I own, so I am not going to fret over a feature that I never use.

    I never use the Cross Bolt Safety on my lever action rifles, either.
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    so did you ever send your gun back and if so how was the replacement trigger?

    I remember when our swat snipers had to send their guns back a couple years ago... they came back with a better trigger than what they sent it back with and were impressed.
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    It was girlfriend's 700 SPS and I sent it in for her and they replaced the trigger. Thus far it seems to be fine. She (thankfully) never had a problem with it - but then again she hasn't shot it much since I bought her a 25-06 about 5 years back which she uses as her hunting rifle. Since it cost nothing to have it fixed - it made sense to have it done and not have the worry. ;)
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    I met one of the witnesses for one of the law suits. It's a real problem. I handled two different rifles that would fire when you took the safety off if the trigger had been pulled while the safety was on. I have a 700 made in 69. It's fine. Check your rifle. If it acts up or your worried buy a Timney.
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    I have to eat some crow, I never really believed the accidental discharge story until it happened to me last month. I was practicing for our monthly Sporting Rifle Match, lying prone I had chambered a round but raised the bolt handle to "make the rifle safe" while adjusting the paralax, when I lowered the bolt handle the rifle fired. Thankfully I was in the prone and the rifle was pointed down range. I am very safety conscious and never move from a firing position without opening the bolt and installing a range flag.
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    Well bought mine new back in 1984. One of the new ADL with walnut and satin finish instead of the shiny finish. Never had a problem but then again it does not get a lot of usage. Nice looking with best bluing I ever saw. Guess mine was made with the so called Walker trigger.
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    That will scare the chit out of ya and also cant trust that rifle anymore. When the bolt handle was pushed down then the sear or trigger didn't hold maybe and it fired immediately. Something not catching on the inner bolt assy to the trigger and catching possitively
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    One reason why I like the Mauser style safety on the bolt as it locks the firing mechanism back !!!
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    I was hunting with friend on his land when his Mod. 700 went off by itself. scared him so bad he went back in the house and I hunted by myself.
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    I work as a gunsmith in an independant Remington authorized repair center. Over the last year I have changed triggers in hundreds of M700's. I have only seen three rifles with the AD issue. All three had hardened lubricant in the trigger housing. This caused sluggish or retarded sear re-set. Proper cleaning and lubrication with non-hardening lubes solves the issue. Apparently during some period of time Remington or the owners used a lube which later hardened and gummed up the trigger. Now they use a dry graphite based lube. Guns are like any other mechanical device. They have to be cleaned and maintained. Plus you don't point the dang things at something you don't want to shoot when operating them!
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    Good to hear bobvz. Bought mine new in 84. Never had an issue but good to hear your news on the subject. One accurate gun with super bluing and walnut.
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    I've had it happen to me, i replaced my trigger with a timney and resolved the problem
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    Just browsed eBay for a Timney trigger to replace the one in a a used 700 I just bought. There are 77 used take-off triggers from Remington 700's listed for sale under various descriptions ,,, old, XMP, non-recall, pre-recall, etc.

    Who in their right mind would buy such an item and who, in good conscience, could even think of selling such an item? Incredible. Shame on eBay for even allowing these items to be listed.
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    So, now E-Bay is responsible for your firearms' safe operation? :rolleyes::rolleyes:

    Ever hear of "Buyer Beware" or "Due Diligence" or "Have a reputable gunsmith check it out?"
  16. Not all Remington 700 rifles have/had unsafe triggers....this link is a decent article on the Good, the Bad and the Ugly with the Remington 700...

    from that article:
    The rifles included in this recall would be any that were manufactured from May 1, 2006, to April 9, 2014.

    However, Remington eventually did the most responsible thing they could do in this situation, they admitted they had found a common problem, and then issued the safety recall. If you happen to have a Model 700 made between those dates you can send your rifle into Remington and they will inspect it, clean it, test it, and return it to you for free.
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    I could not find a date on that article. It was a nice write up, but it is only good for the rifles that were manufactured before 2006 (which all of mine are).
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