Remington Model 700 Accidental Discharges

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    i have owned remington bolt action rifles(40-45), for over 55 years and have never had a problem with the triggers. but the first thing i have done is to adjust the triggers as they should be, IN THREE STEPS A-B-C. and a few of the rifles i bought had their triggers mis adjusted to the point they were unsafe. made the right adjustments and lube with a nonharding one and never point at anything you don,t want to shoot.
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    Yeah and everytime some mouth breather either dose not keep his booger hook off the bang switch, monkey's with the trigger or lubes it with some YouTube snake oil concoction: "It's the guns/Remington's Fault!"
    Plus there are some things out there the average Fudd ought to not mess with.
    For example I have a Timney Calvin Elite 2-stage trigger for long distance shooting. The stages can be adjusted for a minimum weight of about 1 to 3-1/2 lbs.,. No one touches it but me or a very experienced shooter that I know.
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    I had one and it did fire on occasion upon switching the safety off. Well, it happened once and I changed the trigger out. I personally am still of the belief, if you shot yourself or someone remotely close to you due to an accidental discharge that did not involve a ricochet of some type, then you are at fault. I have had instilled in me since the first time I held a firearm, a number of rules and these rules would prevent me from shooting another due to accidental discharge.
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    Yes, Remington got a bad rap and had to buckle to public opinion but I really didn't hear anyone come to their defense and say " I am so confident in the integrity of these triggers that I will stand in front of the muzzle while you fire it in safe and then cycle the bolt." Yes, we are all taught to never point a gun at anything we don't intend to kill and are taught safe handling, but there are things like safeties that are supposed to be sure-things ... that's why they call them fool-proof. I worked for a multi-milllionaire who would say, "If you think this business opportunity is too good to pass up, are you willing to bet your job on it if isn't profitable? There is no room for "maybe" in either scenario.

    I don't think the truth will ever be known and yes, there were probably plenty of triggers adjusted too light and otherwise tampered with but who really knows for sure? The whole thing may have been overblown by the media but the fact remains that many of the "mouth breathers" you refer to were seasoned, serious gun owners, law enforcement and military. It is notable that some military triggers were adjusted beyond recommended limits.

    That said, this did not stop me from purchasing a used Rem 700 recently, but it will receive an aftermarket trigger as its serial number is within the recall range. I believe the 700 is a very fine weapon. Unfortunately, doubt will always linger over the XMP trigger.
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    I agree with this but a safety is supposed to be "foolproof". If on Safe, the rifle should not fire under any circumstance until taken off safe and the trigger is pulled.
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    Actually, Remington did not do a voluntary safety recall, they settled a class action lawsuit and agreed to recall and repair up to 7.5 million guns. Here is the list.
    "the settlement covers Remington bolt-action rifle models Seven, Sportsman 78, 673, 710, 715, 770, 600, 660, 721, 722, 725, and the XP-100 bolt action pistol."

    The only voluntary recall was in 1979 and it included the Model 600 and 660 that were manufactured before 1975. Starting in 1979 they agreed to modify the bolts, not the triggers on those model.

    This latest "settlement" which forced them to do the recall, was made as a business decision, a clever move that would give them a reason to file for bankruptcy protection and move on.

    The beauty of a class action settlement is that they gave anybody with a possible claim a window of time to file the claim and that stops any new lawsuits. Then when they went bankrupt and dissolved the company, there is no longer anybody to sue if any additional gun went bad. So, they just move on with new guns that do not have those issues and new products that are the most profitable.

    On the flip side, on the Model 700, Remington claims that any problems were caused by some grease or gunk they put on new guns and when people did not clean them over years, the gun would malfunction. Remington claimed that no guns were found that would duplicate what the users claimed, basically people claimed the guns would just go off, but when the produced them they did not. Go figure. Regardless they agreed to replace triggers on all those guns.

    I have owned Remingtons since 1960 and never had a problem, I always carry a round in the chamber, safety on when hunting.

    Anyway, Remington was not the good guy here, they got forced into a corner in my view. FWIW
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    Gun safeties have NEVER been called or considered "foolproof."

    EVERY book, manual, or safety class I have ever been exposed to has ALWAYS PREACHED TO NEVER TRUST A FIREARM SAFETY MECHANISM. I taught the same thing as a shooting instructor for 15 years.

    I don't know where, or from whom, YOU were taught firearm safety, but if you trust a mechanical safety with your life or the life of a loved one, you failed in your firearm safety training.
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    A few years ago, I bought a Mini Mauser in 7.62 x 39, Manlicher stock. Love the little gun. New in the box, it would fire when on safety. They claimed it was impossible, but it happened 100% of the time. So a week after I bought it, back to the factory/importer and they fixed it.

    It happens.
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