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Discussion in 'Remington' started by Holiday, Jun 24, 2002.

  1. Holiday

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    I'm looking at a Remington 710. Anyone out there got one yet? How is it?:target:
  2. BattleRifleG3

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    I had one and sold it, not because there was anything particularly wrong with it, but because I wanted the money to go towards a Garand. The bolt and safety are a bit stiff, but with use and lubrication can be improved (they say it's self lubricating... BS). Nice features about it are price that includes scope, durable and comfortable synthetic stock (with rubber buttpad) and finish, detachable magazine. The bolt locks directly into the barrel for greater strength, safety, and accuracy. Drawbacks include inability to load from the top, no variety except for two calibers (270 Win and 30-06), no aftermarket accessories, and it's near impossible to be smithed, as the barrel is press-fit into the receiver.
    It's fine for what it is, if you like what it is. With no experience with accurate shooting methods, I think I got a 2" group at 120 yds. Any particular questions about that model?
    I paid $350 plus tax in March 2001, I got 300 for rifle plus 1 extra mag and a box of ammo in March 2002. Considering I probably put close to 100 rounds through it, I don't think I did that bad. Never pay more than $350 unless you really want to.

  3. Holiday

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    Thanks, Battle Rifle. The one I'm getting I'm getting a real deal on, less than 300.Since .30-06 is one of my favorite calibers, thats not a problem. The inability to load from the top sucks, but I like the magazine. I really want a no-nonsence rifle that is accurate and reliable, and the 710 sounds right. Appreciate the reply!:target:
  4. guffster

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    you might want to check out a Savage pkg. rifle, synthetic stock, removable magazine, scope, sling about $350
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    We are having a discussion in another forum about the 710. I only own 700's so this is just the opinions of another forum. The majority think the gun it not a keeper! If you are looking for a cheap accurate gun that will last a life then get the savage package. IMHO, it is the best deal out there and the accuracy of savages are excellent. The 710 just doesn't look tough enough to be a no nonsense hunting rifle. Just my 0.02 worth.
  6. BattleRifleG3

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    I sold my 710 with the intention of buying a Savage in 300 Ultra. The 710 is very comfortable though, and durable. More of a beater, more of a fun gun. That's why the guy I sold it to bought it.
  7. Holiday

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    Well, I got to shoot the Remington yesterday. I didn't get to shoot more than a few rounds, but it shot very well. I'm not too crazy about the magazine. Most automatic firearms that malfunction can trace their problems to their mags, so why take a very reliable system like the turnbolt rifle and put a removable magazine in it? Seems kinda redundant. However, as far as durability, it seems pretty tough. For a knockabout woods rifle, it will do just fine. Since I got it for $260 taxes included, I'm still about $100 below the Savage package. :target:
  8. BattleRifleG3

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    That's a sweeet deal. Enjoy. By the way, my mag never gave me any problems.
  9. tomwoh

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    I also have a 710 the bolt action is stiff, but for a rifle to run around in the woods and not worry about banging it around a bit, it's been great.
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    I had the new model 770 in 270 win, the gun was a very good shooter, 1" or less at 100 yards, but i traded it up on a new Weatherby Vanguard with the tan/black webbing stock, it shoots hole in hole at 100
  11. 270wsm

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    My nephew has the Rem.model 770(Which replaced the 710)and has had nothing but problems with it.
    I hope your experience is alot better![​IMG]
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  13. samuel

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    Only if he isnt going to shoot much.I dont believe there is much difference in price between a Stevens 200 and others out there that seem to have a good rep.,and the 710 that has a bad rep. sam.
  14. Bravo

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    I probably wouldn't buy it as a starter rifle. If you get a good one, then you get a heck of a deal. If it's one of the many that have little annoying problems, then it might be enough to scare him away from hunting and shooting forever.

    I'd probably invest in a Savage or better yet, a Remington 700 SPS.
  15. DKA1

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    I bought a 710 for a knock around gun, been using 700's, but the 710 is very accurate and after little work in the magazine, it smoothed the bolt out some. Think that the 710 had a bad rap.
  16. kdwhitehead1

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    model 710

    I have a model 710 and do not make the mistake of putting any solvent on it. The magazine latch will fall out in about 3 pieces and requires stock replacement. The up side to that is if you contact remington by phone they will send you a factory replacement,black,model 770 stock free of charge, which is a much nicer stock than the drab 710 battleship gray.
  17. allen1980

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    i heard in a gun review that they quit the 710 and started the 770 because of a plastic peice that if you jerk the bolt back to hard in cold weather it will break and the bolt will come out.
  18. turner

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    This rifle has gotten rave reviews since it's release and, in 25/06 might be a good choice too. Should be available for $300. or less.

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  19. biggamehunter09

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    Model 710

    I actaully have just recently bought a remington 710 in a 270 off of my buddy's dad for 250 bucks. yea its a decend gun but they could have improoved alot more on it. I love how its a 60degree bolt rather than the average 90, but its too stiff. the media reviews say it is suppose to be self lubricating and that is just a bunch of crap. I had to put a different scope and different mounts on it because the ones that came on it were cheep. Everything on the gun was stock when i bought if off him. The scope mounts on it where like the 20$ piece of crap weavers that always loosen up after a month. The 3x9x40mm bushnell was a decent scope. I had the same one on my stevens 30-06 (great gun) and it served its purpose but was not that durable. The slighest little bump and i had to re-site it. my opinion is to not buy one for any more than 300 cause otherwise your wasting your money. The only reason i got it was because the price was right. It is decenty accurate but not quite up to my standards. When im in the woods i want a gun that i can totally rely on cause the last thing i want is to but a bad shot on a deer. Plus i figured it wont be too far down the road till i have children and once they get to the age when they start shooting it would be a great gun for a child to lear how to shoot a higher caliber rifle. Hope my input helped you out
  20. BattleRifleG3

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    The #1 advantage of this gun is extreme durability. This is a cheap gun that you can beat up all you want, wipe down, and not see a scratch. The stock material and the metal finish are something really special, not extravagant but simply durable. The stock is also very comfortable for something that cheap, an older fellow with decades of shooting experience said it was one of the most comfortable ever.