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I have a Mohawk 48 that has a 28" barrel on it. It was cut due to prior damage from 30" and is now at Cylinder bore. I have no use for a 28" cylinder bore.
I knowthat a magazine extension ( 7 or 8 ) for an 870 would fit the 48 and work as it has been done before .
The question now is if I cut the barrel down to 18 or 20", will I lose pressure so that it will not cycle? I would be using high brass loads, buckshot at the range and for home defense hoping the heavier loads would guarantee it to cycle. Thoughts??

I have another 1148 in 12 Ga with 28" mod choke, so I have no desire to find another barrel for the Mohawk, just get some use out of the existing one. Besides, you rarly see a 48 with a mag extension as a tactical shotgun. I have seen Remington 11s with short barrels, so I am hoping this will work.
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