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Remington "Safety Modification Program"

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I thought I would post this link to the Remington site concerning the "Safety Modification Program" for the deletion of the bolt lock feature they are promoting till Dec. 31,2002.

The deletion of the bolt lock will allow the user of the Pre 82 rifles to opperate the action (Loading/Unloading) with the safety in the *On* safe position.

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Remington Model 700 trigger

I am responding to the Remington recall. My son was hunting with his older brother in the fall of 2000 and when he took the safety off in order to unload the rifle. The Model 700 accidentally discharged, shooting a 1999 Suburban and thank God didn't even scratch my sons as the bullet exited the car. I called Remington (1-877-387-6691) in order to question why the bolt lock was being fixed instead of the Walker trigger mechanism. I was told that first of all it was not a recall because there is no defect, but that it is a "safety modification at the customer's preference". Now tell me which customer would prefer not to be safe?:confused: I just want the public know that the recall will not prevent their Model 700 from accidentally discharging. The flaw in the rifle is in the trigger connector not the bolt lock. Sending a Model 700 to Remington will NOT keep the rifle from accidentally discharging. I feel that Remington is giving the public a false sense of security about these rifles and this "recall" is just one more way for them to lie and not take responsibility for continuing to manufacture a defective firearm. Please do some research into this instead of just beleiving everything you hear.
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