Remington Subsonic?

Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by hawkeye_gunner, May 21, 2008.

  1. hawkeye_gunner

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    Does anyone know with experience how quiet the Remington Subsonics are? When I shake the cartridge I hear some powder shaking, I heard some subsonics only rely upon the primer of it.

    One more question, will a semi-auto chamber using Remington Subsonic cartridges?

    Thank you in advance to any who help me out!
  2. GlennM

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    Best thing to do is buy a box and try'em in your pieces. They're a bit louder than a CCI CB Long, but since they don't break the sound barrier you don't have the "crack" that a .22LR high vel does. They chamber fine in my 10/22 but my Buckmark doesn't like them (the Ruger MK II does, though). Accuracy is acceptable within 50 yards.

  3. I don't know about the Remington. I do know I don't trust the CCI CB rounds to kill efficiently. I did better with pellets.
    I've been wanting to try the Aguila sniper subsonic 60 gr. I know they will work in a 10-22. look at this Aguila Sniper SubSonic 60 grain lead round nose
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    I have them and they're pretty good. A bit dirty, but not too bad. They will kill a bird at 50+yards easily and if you put enough time into it, you can actually hit the bird. lol They were fine in my Ruger 10/22. All my jamming problems have been the result of my mags not seated properly in the mag well or the mag not feeding properly. The subsonic rd is identical to a regular in shape and size. It just has half the powder inside.
  5. They aren't awful loud. Not a quiet as Cb longs but they aren't as loud as a rugular .22 LR round. Try em!
  6. SwedeSteve

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    The Aguila SSS's work better for my pistol. But I think it's one of those things where you have to expirement with your gun to see.
  7. I think the Aguilla SSS would be just the ticket in the Ruger bearcat. I have a friend that carries two one in each breast pocket.
  8. Are you guys shooting the same Remington Subsonics as me?

    We have fired over 5000 of them (a full carton) at camp and they are NOT a quiet round. From the shooting line they are almost as loud as Federal Target ammo. True, you don't get the CRACK with a subsonic, so from 100 yards away there is less noise. Up close, hardly any difference.

    Rem. Subsonics function semiauto in our unmodified 10/22 rifles, but not in .22 target pistols. Accuracy is good. It's a good round, but don't expect it to be quiet like a CB long.