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Remington VS 223 vs Savage 12FVSS

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I just purchased a Remington model VS in lefty .223 over the Savage. I couldn't bring myself to purchase the Savage over the Remington even though I am sure the rifle is a good one. Currently, I own a Remington in .308 (same VS) and love it; therefore, I went with it again in .223. What is the general feeling towards these two rifles?
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Re: Remington VS

I have a VS in .22-250, and a PSS in .308. I prefer my Remingtons. Just something about that ugly nut on the barrel that turns me off.
I aint going to pick on Remington but If you want to put holes inside holes its hard to beet a savage out of the box i have a 25-06 fv112ss and with just a work up loads no playing with the bullet leanght no neck sizing no supper premium bullets just a full leanght sizing cci 200 primer and seirra bullet and imr powder I have shot sub .5 groups all the books say my velocity should be about 3300 fps and my chrony says 3500 fps what all this means is high barrel for that Ugly nut I think guns with out them are uglyer for the fact you pay more and get less
I've got me a Remington 700 VS in .223 and with my reloads at one hundred yards i have achieved a .224 size grouping (one hole with 3 shots)
One has to remember, because of that "ugly" barrel nut, Savages are one of the most accurate factory rifles on the market today.
That nut plays a intricate role in Savages top of the line accuracy. And without it, would just be another average shooting rifle.
Re: Reminton vs Savage

When the Army purchased a new sniper rifle to replace the aging M21 system, it ran quite a few tests. One of those tests was a shoot off. The Army bought the Remington Model 700 (M24 sniper system), not the Savage. 'Nuff said!!
Yep they may have but they also bought 400 dollar hamers as for remington and sniper rifles I would bet dollars to doughnuts that the only reason they got that is for quanity of delivery

for shooting a 3 shot group I dont do it my groups are 5-10.i have seen 40-x that dont shoot anywhere even close to my savage and they are shooting .308 and payed how much

Lets face it when you buy a remington you are buying a name not quality

I am going to build a savage soon it will be a bench rest quality rifle something in most other brand would be in exess of 2000$ and I will be under 1000$ and you know what It will shoot better than the big buck.

Final note why are a lot of the bullet and powder manufacters going to savage barrels and trashing (have been told this buy more than one company)the remingtons
Using the Army as an example is not a great thing. Did they test the Savage?? My guess is that you don't even know. So making a statement like that is inappropriate. After all, they went from a 45cal, to a 9mm. Tou'che!!!!! :cool:
you know I rember on the old boards that someone named pup got chewed up on this verry topic
Re: Remington vs Savage

They had a shoot out, and Savage lost. Plain and simple.
As far as the M9, too many of the current soldiers are wimps and can't shoot the big bad .45 ACP. Besides, politics and $$ got into the M9 purchase. The Beretta is a p.o.s! Can't function even half as dirty as the M1911A1 ever did. I had to fire familiarization in case I went to Desert Storm. Hunk of junk wouldn't feed.
The federal police here sit down with their issue weapon (M9) and stone the heck out of it to insure it functions.
And yes, I am a Dept. of the Army civilian.

I use to not feel the same way about Beretta pistols. However, I have had three and continue to rid myself of them. I guess I always found fault with something about them. Too bad we can't purchase a brand new Remington Rand. Although, I hear Springfield is putting out some good stuff now adays. I may have to try one...
Re: Remington vs Savage

Problem is, what caliber? We still have the wimpy Army which can't shoot .45's or hit anything with one. .40 would be nice. Not sure Springfield makes one, though. They are a little pricey, also.
A better rifle than either is the CZ 550 series. I own Remington. I used to own a Savage. All my new bolt guns will be CZ until a better mousetrap comes along. Hammer forged barrel, single set trigger, non-rotating claw extractor, and now you can get it with an HS Precision synthetic stock. They run in the same price range as Savage.
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Mike, I admire you for sticking up for the Army's choice in the Remington M24 rifle. It is truly a great gun and the right choice they made. But as for the M9. I have been competively shooting in the Army (pistol, rifle, machine gun and sniper) for 18 years. When the .45 was the issued pistol, I used it and it shot well, but I must say that on any given day, the match armorer would have to work on several of them to keep them in the match (not many, but some) Since the introduction of the M9, I have never seen the armorer do anything. The guns will fire flawlessly for hundreds of rounds. I'm talking 100s of different M9's and shooters and thousands of rounds.
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