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Remington Woodsmaster 742 - help?

Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by Rimjob, Jan 11, 2009.

  1. Rimjob

    Rimjob G&G Newbie

    [You'll have to excuse the crude cell phone pics, couldn't get the dang memory card uploaded for some reason..]

    I went and dug up my old brush gun out at my dad's place.. It looks even better than I remembered... In fact its probably the finest looking gun I have as far as furniture is concerned.. Then again , I do tend to be a lil rough on the guns that I use a lot..

    Basically I was wondering what the general opinion of these old rifles is/was. I haven't shot the thing in years.. It's chambered for 30-06, and has some type of quasi-odd looking rotating bolt.. The reason I am asking is I had a few mishaps back in the day when the 2nd shot would not fire.. Knowing more about certain guns being finicky w/ certain ammo, I'm hoping that was just the case.. I don't remember what all I tried, but as far as ammo that I still have for it, I can only find hand-reloads that were gifts from a hunting buddy of my fathers years ago..


    You can see the Fleur de lis on the stock. I love the white trim too!


    So Is this a keeper or what? Any special things that I need to pay attention to??? I just happened to have a rail that fit it and toyed w/ the idea of getting one of those holo sights over at wally world but that's $200..

    Any info would be much appreciated!! I haven't got to shoot it because it rained all freakin day yesterday!! But it shouldn't be long now!

    I really wish the other pics would have worked, these do the craftsmanship ill justice to say the least!!
  2. tnmedic

    tnmedic G&G Evangelist

    My dad and my uncle had 742 in 30 06 and they did jam but usually it was with after market 10 round mags that my uncle found. Never remembered them jamming with the factory 5 round clip. Sorry thats not helpful but we used both factory ammo and reloads that my uncle made.
  3. Pumpkinheaver

    Pumpkinheaver G&G Evangelist

    Clean the gas system and try it again, if no better try a different magazine. It might not like those handloads either.
  4. pajaro

    pajaro G&G Newbie

    i have a 740 in 30-06...... they are essentially the same rifle...... i have heard that they are not well reguarded because the action is not particularly strong, and they are not as accurate as bolt action rifles...... i like mine because it is light, handy..... i have a 1.5x5 leupold scope on it , and it does just fine...... i will be taking it pig hunting with my cousin west of los banos calif next month..... its a good functional rifle, not a collectors item......... have fun with it................... p.s. .... i dont use reloads in this gun, only factory stuff..... it may reflect on my reloading skills, but i have had several jams with reloads, so i just use factory stuff, and have had no problems at all..........
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  5. Rimjob

    Rimjob G&G Newbie

    It seems like I had my troubles w/ reloads too.. After seeing some hogs bigger than my miata down at the river, I started thinking I might better go get it back out again.. That's what I used it for in the past - just walking the property. I had swithced over to carrying a SKS when I walked around but who knows, I might see a big monster buck, and would hate to lose it b/c I didn't have enough gun.. I know the 7.62x39 could kill, but it may run a few hundred yards first, and I would feel horrible if I couldn't track it.

    What type of factory ammo do you use?
  6. pajaro

    pajaro G&G Newbie

    i use remingon 150 grain core loct, but i have used other factory ammo with no problems.......
  7. KC IN TC

    KC IN TC G&G Newbie

    Watch Your chamber! The new version of these (7400?) comes with a special bore brush just for this issue. I have seen this gun shoot every time all the time and then there are those that are consistantly problematic. Most times strict attention to keeping tyhe chamber clean will help.
  8. Rimjob

    Rimjob G&G Newbie

    Thanks KC!! I plan to really give it a good cleaning (hopefully will have some free time Friday) then I 'm gonna go see what I can do with it at the range, when we get done shooting trap Saturday morning!! I wish I had enough money to go buy several types of ammo to experiment a bit, but baby formula and diapers on top of copay after freakin copay means it will probably be one box of core lokts!!! lol

    I'll try to post some pics and comments about how it does..
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  9. WLew

    WLew G&G Newbie

    K.C's right on track. If the chamber is dirty they will jam constantly. And it don't take much grit to make em hang up. The clip could be an issue also but my guess would be a combination of a dirty chamber and the reloads. Some autos wont function unless small base dies are used to resize the hulls.
  10. Rimjob

    Rimjob G&G Newbie

    Thanks WLew! And WELCOME to the site!! We need guys just like you!! Believe me, your going to love this place!!
  11. WLew

    WLew G&G Newbie

    Thanks for the welcome Rimjob! Man I already love this site.
  12. Steve

    Steve Master Gunsmith Staff Member

    Rimjob if all else fails take it to a competent gunsmith and have him pull the barrel off and polish the chamber and from then on keep it (VERY VERY) clean and then you should have no more problems.
  13. KC IN TC

    KC IN TC G&G Newbie

    Good call on polishing the chamber!! should fix it right off. Rim sounds like he's got to wait 'til a few tuitions are paid for before he can do that tho LOL! Rim the only suggestion on ammo that I have would be to avoid rem. "green box". Again no real proof but just from what I've seen. No knock on Rem. ammo just a bad combo here.
  14. roverboy

    roverboy G&G Enthusiast

    I inheirated a 742 from my wife's uncle.
    He said it jammed all the time and he
    used round nosed ammo in it. They wouldn't
    jam he said. After i got it I just used
    Hornady 150 gr. handloads. Which are
    spirepoints and I never had a problem.
    But I did clean it good. Maybe that was
    problem. I say keep'em clean.
  15. 30-30man

    30-30man G&G Newbie

    I'm new here but not to the Remington 742. They had two models of woodmasters, they were the ADL and the more expensive BDL. I think the BDL had a squared off forearm and more checkering. I have a BDL model that is worth more as a parts gun than as a complete rifle. The thing has never really impressed me. Anyways, the problem with the 742 is the locking lug system that Remington used. It would get gritty from not cleaning and the locking lugs would bend. It is very hard to get into all the crevices that the rotating bolt slides into. This along with the bolt rails would get buggered up when owners kept shooting them. There was several shops that were converting 742 to pumps at one time but now that's over since the parts have dried up. Remington is infamous for coming out with an autoloader then changing designs when they will no longer sell. Hence the 740, 742, 7400 etc.. They tend to leave the customer to fend for themselves with the parts. At one time Remington was giving cash back for receivers that were sent in hack sawed in half for credit toward a 7400. I'm sorry to say it was one puch of many I took in buying Remington's junk. As you can tell, I don't like them very much. The gun you have is a family piece so it's got value to you. Just don't expect many gunshops to give you much in trade for it. Most of them really don't want them because of their reputation as jamomatics. In short, its a Remington autoloader..Take it for what it's worth.
  16. Rimjob

    Rimjob G&G Newbie

    Welcome Jester!! I appreciate the info. Thats what my Dad had told me beck then. I don't sale any of my guns, really just interesting in general opinion and it seems to be much like mine was back when I used it... I'm going to follow some advice above and have the chamber polished etc. I think when I have time and money to experiment with ammo maybe I can make a half-way decent shooter out of it! I've only got one other Remington and its a 700 (7mag) and its a tack driver.. The specs are so different though! That 742 action confuses the hell out of me! lol

    Anyways.. I hope you enjoy the place, but I already know you will!!
  17. SgtKnuckles

    SgtKnuckles G&G Newbie

    I have a 742 BDL Deluxe .30-06 with a 2 to 7 Redfield Wide-Field on it... I have shot more Mule Deer and Antelope with this Gun than I can count... I've never had a problem with mine, and is still going strong... I'd say there is 500 rounds through it... It's My Hunter, I don't use it for Target Practice... I have lots of other Target Hole Punchers to shoot at the Range...

    Remington 740/742/7400
    Semi-Auto Rifles
  18. Rimjob

    Rimjob G&G Newbie


    Glad to hear your enjoying yours! mine is the plain one i guess and not the BDL.. I hunted with mine some along time ago mostly when we would do man drives through a couple miles of swamp followed by fields of super tall grass.. We did it do cull out the bad bucks before the rut.. I popped a couple with it and thinned out some big land-destroying hawgs as well! lol If the Hawgs round here happen to see you before they smell you, they are are gunning for you.. normally i prefer hunting w/ my bolts but if I got a dozen hogs running at me, I wanna be slinging some bullets..

    Thanks for that link. It looks to be very informative.

    Happy Shooting!!!!
  19. shooting50

    shooting50 G&G Newbie

    Rimjob it appears that both are loaded and you shot the wrong load.
    Now the formula comes first.Gota decide which one to use , One'e for huntin , One's for fun.:hitwithrock:
  20. dls56

    dls56 G&G Newbie

    742 in 30-06; know it well (jam-o-matic) LOL.
    You just have to keep them super clean and rebuild them every so often and you have yourself a fine rifle.
    I put $250 worth of work into mine and gave it to my oldest son for his 30th birthday a few years back. It made us both happy. I explained the importance of upkeep to him so time will tell, it's been taking deer for our family for 20-25 years +/-.
    Best of luck with yours.
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