Reminton 552 with a tummy ache.

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    information: For those following. YouTube is our friend :). Putting
    motion to Rex in OTZ finds-explanations:)

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    Wow! That's certainly broken, good spot.
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    20190610_075322.jpg 20190610_075309.jpg Its been a challange.
    I have not found a single instance where replacing just one part will make it shoot.
    My trial and error must be painfull for a trained gunsmith to watch. :rolleyes:

    Neophytes video is cool and opens one them 552's up and shines a light on its inner workings, But does not really address any of the problems afflicting the Remington 552.
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    The night before last I located a servicable cartridge lifter, stoned off some the surface rust on it.
    Then dug into the 1971 era trigger group, and again driftwd out the rivet pin holding the hammer (the last time, it wont take another dissambly) and used a shim made from a plastic beverage container.
    (Plastic pop bottle) after shoving the hammer back in place n mashing the plastic in there the hammer was way tight to move.
    Thinking the plastic would eventually wear in and allow hammer to operate was foolish.
    No ammount of wiggling, oiling or heating with a match would soften the plastic enough to operate freely.
    So drifted the rivet pin out the very last time and using some thin aluminum shim material was able to take 85% the side to side wobble out, I needed a 3rd and 4th hands to stake that worn out hammer rivet pin back in place (while holding the disconnector in place & hammer plunger compressed while riveting the pin on a anvil while holding a punch and hammer.
    The hammer seems to be working great with 3 thin alum shims after the plastic shim incident.
    Im All Jazzed Up, about testing the shimmed 552 hammer! ;)
    Ive double checked the bolt for burrs and things that could cause the firing pin to not freely impinge the case rim, the hammer throws nice and straight with that new hammer spring and shimms to take that wobble out of the 552's long hammer swing, if this does not fix it . . . . .

    . . . . . Then next, it might need the bolt to receiver slop checked.
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    Been quite the project for sure. Should run for another 50 years after all your efforts. But it is a semi and who knows how many rounds through it over the years. Quite a gun though.
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    IMG_0517.jpg images.jpeg-1.jpg
    This 552 is one the last Remington rimfire rifles that you can change out the different internal components.

    I have a space age materials Remington 522 Viper that is pretty compartmentalized as far as modern space-age throw away assemblies.
    If the plastic magazine guide lips break, you need to buy a whole trigger group assy.
    You cant just replace the magazine guide. Like on a older rimfire.

    There is discussion about only firing standard velocity .22 Lr from the Viper as it can break some the fragile parts, especially the flimsy 522 ejector stud.
    Thats that wierd J shaped appendage on top of the magazine release in the above photo which is heat welded into the plastic trigger group.
    Im thinking thats why Remington supplied plastic magazines for the 522 Vipers, the metal magazines tear up the trigger group plastic magazine guides which are part fastened into the synthetic group.
    Metal magazines put too much strain on the guides if pulled upon or if a magazine in it the rifle and leaning against a wall and falls over impacting the magazine can damage the magazine guides and cause jams.
    The very top photo of the mag release and mag guide looks nice and sqare?
    I have one given to me that is not square it looks like a arrow head.

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    Well I messed with the hammer group for the last time.
    Ive done all I can to it and am sure thats not my problem.
    The problem after weeding through all the 1971 era Remington 552's other many problems is the boogered chamber.
    I did use a long taper punch to try and iron out the chamber rim booger.
    That did fix the sticking cartridge case issue, the original firing pin had been bent and thats where all the troubles originated.
    This has created a out of spec chamber rim that wont fully support the cartridge on firing, now the first thing Im debateing is to remove a little bit of the barrel extension.
    This will allow the bolt face to come forward reducing the head space, this will also bring the current new unbent firing pin forward and reduce the demension between the fireing pin protrusion and the chamber rim seat.
    This should increase the probibility of firing a cartridge.
    Im in the thinking it through process.
    In The end Best fix would be to ream a clean rim seat and adjust the head space.
    What Im thinking is just adjusting the head space first by a couple thousandths to see if ignition will improve.
    If it improves I just might let it go as is and cease any further messing with it (my half azz fix)
    That might give me results that I can decide on getting my hands on a chamber reamer to do a proper fix.
    By reaming Im moving to chamber further forward creating excessive head space, that can be done by one of two methods one is messing with the barrel extension contact face of the Bolt Assy and youd never be able to use any stock bolt assy ever again the other method is to remove material from the barrel extension and then youd be able to use a std 552 bolt assy and firing pin.
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    Well I started off on a tangent that was counter productive.
    So had to return to a known datum.
    I was lengthining the firing pin, yet still not getting reliable ignition.
    Then thought this was Not the beat direction to be headed.
    If Im lengthining the firing pin to better hit the case and its still leaving a shallow impression, I figured the head space is excessive on this blowback .22.
    So I ordered another stock firing pin and a new buffer to replace the tough old vintage 1971 era rubber block.
    I knew the hammer group was reliably delivering blows to the firing pin from blackening the contact surfaces with permanent marker.
    I just now confirmed that the bolt group was demensionally the same compared to another 552 bolt assy.
    So much so I swapped the bolts with slightly worse results.
    The firing pin protrusion was very close to what the book states (0.043" to 0.045")
    So what was the hair line tolerance that was on the razor edge of reliably firing vs. lightly struck cartridges?
    Excessive head space on the Remington 552.
    How do I adjust head space on the model 552?
    I chose to lightly remove some material from the Butt end of the barrel extension that contacts the bolt.
    Not much material mind you, just a light shine with the air powered disc cutter and buffed her till the butt end the barrel extension was white.
    I traveled out if town, loaded 10 rounds of Remington Golden and tested (after dark)
    The rifle fired all the cartridges without a hiccup, flinging the empties out into the ankle deep snow.
    So today will I see about retreveing some the spent brass that was impossible to see in the dark last night.
    So when I get some the brass measured against the CCI cases fired 4 days ago I will report the results.

    Img_0339.jpg Img_0340.jpg 20191121_164731.jpg 20191122_085532.jpg
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    If you could find a 55 gallon barrel, cut a square opening in one end, prop it up at an angle and fill it with sand. Every MP unit had one of these as a "clearing barrel" outside of the entrance to our arms rooms.
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    A barrel of sand?
    Thats a great idea.
    OTZ is along the sea, a good source of sand.
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    You are most welcome sir.
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    Would a 5 gallon bucket work?
    I mainly work on rimfires
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    Well this 552 seems to have a pretty gritty trigger pull, I dont have a trigger pull gauge but its got to be 6-7 lbs.
    Was thinking I might try a half coil off the sear spring, with my plan B fall back a new spring.
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