Removable Magazines???

Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by Doglips, Jul 15, 2002.

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    Ive been saveing up my pennies and being nice to the wife to get an AK since the hicap magazines are so available. Im looking for a S_hits the fan gun more than anything else. I tried one of the after market 30 round mags before but it did not work...the bolt would not close with it in place (yes with rounds in it)...
    What is everyones experiences with after market mags for the SKS? Are they worth it? Any brand the best? Best place to get them?

    IF I could get good results with the detachable mags then I may just use the sks and spend the $$ on a diffrent toy than the AK...thanks for the input.:confused:
  2. I hear from other people that the SkS is really not designed to work well with 30 rnd. magazines. I dont know if thats true but thats what Ive been told. Ive met more people who said the 30rds mags just dont cut it.

  3. Calvin

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    I had one that functioned perfectly in one rifle, and that one rifle only. Personally, why not stay with the 10-rounder that works 100% of the time versus a 30-rounder that works 50% of the time?
  4. I cant agree with you more. The ten rounder was designed for that rifle, the thirty round mag was not, and is basically an after market novelty.
  5. I am not sure, but the longer the mag the weaker the spring is toward the last few rounds. I am just guessing.
  6. I think that it really depends on the manufacturing of the mag. If that were the case thirty round AK-47 would have the same problems.
  7. Still does't change the fact that a compressed spring has more upward force than a extended spring.
  8. PAPA G

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    there was an SKS model imported awhile back tha was made to use AK magazines, maybe one of them might fill the bill???;)
  9. BattleRifleG3

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    Got one, love it. Get 'em while you still can.
  10. How much are they?
  11. AR-tim

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    I believe they are called SKS-D. I would say they would go for around $200-$250, but haven't seen any in awhile.
  12. BattleRifleG3

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    More like 300 these days, depending on condition. I got mine for 300 in great condition, possibly unfired. It's certainly been fired now, but it's still pretty. I'd say anything under $350 should be considered, depending on accessories. One thing to remember, though, the trigger group, bolt, and stock are NOT interchangeable with the standard SKS. The pre-ban model 84 had a button to hold back the bolt, the D model doesn't. You cannot load this one from strippers.
  13. I had a 30 round on my last SKS and it worked perfectly every time. I have no idea who makes it because there are no markings on it at all. I also have a 30 round for my new SKS that I bought at a gun show about 5 months ago but I've never used it. The factory mag is easier and quicker to load with strippers. The 30 round mag tends to draw some eyeballs and I dont like that because you just never know who is looking at you holding an illegally altered SKS.
  14. BattleRifleG3

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    It is not illegal to have a detachable mag on an SKS that had it before '89. Nor is it illegal to have one on an SKS that has fewer than 10 imported parts from a list of 20. The parts to replace are the stock, handguard, and gas piston. Magazine has 3 parts and the other four (trunion, pistol grip, barrel extension, muzzle attachment) don't exist on an SKS (unless you put a pistol grip on it, but then it would be American anyway). Then you are only under the '94 ban, which says only one out of 5 restricted features (pistol grip, folding stock, flash suppressor, grenade launcher, bayonet lug) if you have a detachable magazine. Yeah, they all suck, but there are ways around some of them.
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    I dont want high caps for mine I'll just stick with the 10 rounder. and why would I want high caps when I can only shoot mine single shot cause it jams(well i dont think its a mag prolem it catches the spent case in the action (even when shooting it single shot)(i just find it easier to do it single shot so im not trying to un jam it with live ammo in it) it's annoying me wwaaaaaaannn
  16. BattleRifleG3

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    Being as I've examined GunGeek's SKS, I think I may know the problem. I guess we'll fill y'all in when we've figured it out for sure.